Studio 2000 - Twin Devils

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DescriptionCast:  Chris Youngman, Fernando Nielsen, Giovanni Floretto, Jack LaCroix, James LaCroix, James Riviera, Jose Ganatti, Julian Vincenzo, Mark Bloom

Director:  Roland Dane

Country:  Hungary

Length: 1 hr 30 min

Year: 2005
"Twin Devils is Studio 2000 International’s bone-throbbing blockbuster from director Roland Dane. This is the best Dane dick-drama yet and that is saying something mighty major. Twin Devils is an erotically excellent, hyper-energetic show crammed full of fantastic faces and buffed bodies. Huge, pulsating, uncut pricks will have your cock creaming continuously. Oh, and for those who are interested, Twin Devils features a pair of honest to God, tantalizing, tasty twins.

James Riviera operates a Chippendale-like strip troop. His car breaks down and the scene cuts to an auto repair shop where muscular master-mechanic Fernando Nielsen is finishing the repairs. Riviera wants Nielsen to audition for his troop and to that end they begin to kiss and check out each other’s vital statistics. Riviera sucks Nielsen’s thick, shaved shooter, savoring the exposed head. Riviera positions Nielsen across the hood of the car and slams his super-sized stick into Nielsen’s nook. The bold banging is all the more breathtaking when you realize that Nielsen is so much bigger than Riviera who is giving him the fuck of a lifetime. The action goes back to oral for a while as Nielsen sucks Riviera’s rod and chews on his ample bag of balls. The screwing continues on the floor with Nielsen first riding Riviera’s rammer then taking it sidesaddle. Riviera releases his seed all over Nielsen who jerks off on his own belly.

Riviera arrives back at the house he shares with the members of his troop. Wide-eyed, wet dream Chris Youngman and dark 'n dreamy Jose Ganetti are playing pool with the stakes being winner takes all. They play, they kiss, they strip and both end up in each other’s end. Ganetti rises to the occasion first by blowing Youngman’s lengthy torpedo. He chews on the considerable foreskin and feasts on his bull balls. They melt into a sixty-nine atop the pool table which is just about as delectable as it gets. Ganetti rims Youngman’s slightly fuzzy asshole before shoving his sizable sausage up his chute and plowing him doggie and sidesaddle all over the place. You will really get a chance to see Youngman’s big balls in full swing when he throws a powerful missionary fuck into Ganetti. This fantastic flip-flop fuck ends with Youngman once again on the bottom. This time he is rolled up on his shoulders offering his deep ditch to Ganetti who again plows him hard and deep. Ganetti creams off on Youngman’s chest as he strokes off his own wang to a ready-whip release.

Back in the repair shop, Nielsen is getting ready for his audition and hanging with his co-workers Julian Vincenzo and Giovanni Floretto. Nielsen leaves, and that clears the stage for gym-giants Vincenzo and Floretto to release their rockhard rods. The chemistry between these two towering titans is thrilling. Both are matinee idol handsome, and both have impossibly long and thick cocks. Floretto has, as no fan of his need be reminded, voluminous foreskin which never fully retracts. He is also covered with a blanket of fur. Vincenzo is tattooed and smooth, with nipples the size of silver dollars. Collectively, they are two heat-seeking missiles about to explode. These beauties circle each other like aggressive, wild animals.

Floretto feeds on Vincenzo’s donkey dick as Vincenzo pushes his head down to take more and more in. Vincenzo must return the favor, and does a visible double-take at the wondrous width of Floretto’s flute. He opens wide, very wide, to take it down his throat. Following this oral achievement he eats Floretto’s hairy hole and then mounts ands fucks him in every position imaginable all over the garage and the floor. This ultimate, anal invasion finds Floretto hitting every position you can imagine with Vincenzo’s cock up his ass. Standing, sitting, doggie, missionary, you name it and they do it. Finally, Floretto sits on Vincenzo and jerks off his jumbo joint. As his dick-drool detonates, the tip of his wide knob peeks out from the folds of foreskin to make the release more visual for us. Vincenzo pulls off his prodigious prick leaving a puddle on Floretto’s hairy chest. This is indeed a sonic session of sizzling sex.

Nielsen arrives for his audition and is introduced by Riviera to studly Marc Bloom and the dazzling twins James and Jack Lacroix. Not only are the twins gorgeous, but they suck and fuck, and top and bottom with equal ease. The orgy begins almost immediately. Muscleman Nielsen continues to serve as the bottom everyone wants to top. Riviera and James kiss and grope as Nielsen, Bloom and Jack do the same. Riviera gives James a naughty knob-job as Jack joins up with Bloom to suck Nielsen’s nightstick and nuts. Cocksucking kicks into high gear with seemingly everyone taking a taste of tumescent tool. They are all hung, but it is Riviera who wins the size contest hands down. Riviera slams his King Kong Kock into James doggie style as Bloom’s big boner bangs Nielsen as he is sucking Jack.

Ass goes up for grabs as James rides Bloom’s bone and Jack slams his stick into Nielsen. The guys are all dreamboats and the dramatic, deep, dick-drilling is delicious. Cum begins to fly high and wide as the most exciting moment arrives. James and Jack stand, facing each other, on each side of the seated Nielsen. Naturally, they jerk off all over him. There is something utterly fantastic about the sight of these two tasty twins facing each other and firing off phallus fluid. They both spray their brother batter all over Nielsen who is totally amazed by the event.

Twin Devils gives you new faces, established superstars, and the quality of production that you can only get from Studio 2000. As a very special boner bonus, Twin Devils boasts the added allure of having the luscious Lacroix twins doubling your pleasure and doubling your fun. Twin Devils is a prick-powered pleasure dome of passion."
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