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♺ Locke Serviced (By Ransom)

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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2013-12-12 |
Age: 25
Video Number: 1335

Locke does pretty dang well for getting serviced by a guy the first time!

We have a new overhead camera that I am really liking, and Ransom tries to showcase the action to us via that new angle.  I know it seems silly to talk to you about a straight top down shot, but let me tell ya, the rig to get a camera to be up high and point straight down is not simple. It takes up a lot of floor space, but I think it is well worth it. Especially when you can see the guy's cock getting hard from the ass rub down.

Locke only checks in with the porn on occasion. Sometimes staring up at the ceiling with a little look of anxiety, or closing his eyes, trying to get lost in the sensation and his own imagination.

The cumshot is actually fun to watch the whole minute or so prior. I kept the overhead shot for the most part, leaving in him checking out the TV on occasion. But I think what is cool is you just can really see his body go from relaxed, to tenser and tenser, to finally exploding with a great orgasm!

Locke is a super hot guy, doing guy-girl porn, and getting plenty of offers, so pretty sure he won't be back anytime soon to do more, but ya never know!

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