Acceed - 裏聖水男子 (The Water Boys Are Back)

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DescriptionAnother hot pee movie from Acceed, featuring Japanese twinks in wet action. Scene 4 also features some foot play.
As for every Japanese porn film, the genitals are slightly pixelated.

Definition: 1137x640
Duration: 02:31:08
Format: .mp4
Release date: 2016/06/18
Tags: ~piss ~watersports ~twinks ~japanese

Here is the official description roughly translated from Acceed’s website:

Incontinence! Pee bukkake! Drinking urine!!!
Discover the new movie from the "Water ☆ Boys" series, which name is "The Water Boys Are Back"!
These boys are covered in pee from head to toe.

Scene 1 • Yu & Shunsuke
These two boys were part of the cast of "Eating Virgin Pure Boys 4" and "POV by Straight Director Goro 2".
Both were a little embarrassed at first until Shunsuke started peeing. He peed on Yu and on himself, and then Yu peed on Shunsuke.
The boys then licked every drop of piss on their soaked bodies and dicks and Shunsuke peed in Yu’s mouth before starting anal.
Shunsuke pissed in Yu’s hole to make it wet and ready for his hard dick. The hot action ended with both boys coming and Shunsuke peeing on Yu.
"Pee-filled Shunsuke, your cock is so good!!"

Scene 2 • Shuto, Daichi & Shunsuke
Three friends are at home drinking beer, until Shuto wants to go to the bathroom. His two friends force him to pee on himself, while Shunsuke is filling a glass with his own hot piss.
The three guys then decide to compare the taste of their piss by drinking each other’s urine. A nice evening drinking beer ends up as a pee party!
Things get steamy and Shuto end up getting fucked in hot piss by his two buddies.
"Peeing on myself feels so good!!"

Scene 3 • Fuga
Fuga came to the studio for a shooting without being told what we were gonna do to him. We gave him two glasses to hold while we were filling them with piss.
He had no idea what was going on with these two glasses full of hot urine. We forced him to drink some of it, and then to pee on himself.
We took his clothes off to clean up the mess and wrung them out on him to gave him a pee shampoo! We then stuck a mouth opener in his mouth to force him take our pee down his throat.
We then enlarged his tight anus with a speculum for an internal cleansing of his hole with stinking urine before fucking the pee out of him!!

Scene 4 • Tatsuya & Hiro
The two boys are drinking each other’s delicious piss. They share it in a wet kiss, drinking it from the tap and from their wrung underwear.
They end up on the floor, licking their bodies while bathing in their stinking urine. Hiro will then sit on Tatsuya’s dick and pee three times while being fucked.
The session end up with the boys drinking their hot piss in a wet kiss.
"Give me more pee!!"

There’s only one stop if you want to see twinks covered in pee!
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