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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2012-07-26 |
Jose Manuel

Age: 25
Height: 6'
Dick Size: 7"
Role: Versatile

Jose Manuel is an attractive, slender young Czech with an aggressive sexual appetite. He is a slim, smooth twink with an outgoing personality and a terrific smile. All the men who meet him want him and want to slide their raw cock inside them. He's totally into men taller than him, with swimmer's builds. Being versatile, sex is not a problem because he can be either top or bottom. To him, sex feels much better if it's done bareback. However, he is very careful with whom he barebacks with.

Bare Adventures:

1) Alan Capier, Ernest Blue and Jose Manuel
Added: 2010-03-21
(included on DVD Punkz: Bareback Joy Riders, 2006, scene 2)

Alan and Ernest didn't know what they were getting themselves into when they ask the hottest and horniest cab driver in Prague to take them to a bar. He drops them off at Jose's bar where he unleashes some potent aphrodisiac, and it gets these boys fucking horny!! From cock sucking to ass licking, they can't get enough of each other. At one point both adventurers ram their hard meat into Alan's willing hole, and if that doesn't fill him up enough, Ernest will slip in a finger as well. Talk about a cool bareback unexpected adventure.

2) Jose Manuel and Paulo
Added: 2011-04-03
(included on DVD RawBoys: Raw Boys - Cock Hungry Cum Whores, 2010, scene 1)

Czech boys Jose and Paulo can't resist the urge to explore each others after getting cozy to keep warm. Blond and blue-eyed Jose is gorgeous, with a slender and smooth body. He's got six-pack abs that dark-haired Paulo can't help running his tongue across. The soft pale skin covering Jose offsets Paulo's olive complexion as they suck and taste each others fat, throbbing cocks. Jose wants Paulo's thick bare cock inside his tight ass and Paulo is happy to oblige. He slides it deep inside and fucks Jose raw, bringing him to a creamy finish; not once, but TWICE! Jose blows two full loads over himself and Paulo before Paulo spurts his own all over Jose's hungry mouth!

3) Jose Manuel, Marty and Johnnie Dick
Added: 2011-05-01
(included on DVD RawBoys: Raw Boys - Cock Hungry Cum Whores, 2010, scene 5)

Jose Manuel is back with Marty and Johnnie Dick. The three friends are horny and ready for some bareback spit-roasting. While Jose showers, Johnnie and Marty are on the couch tasting each other. Soon Jose joins in on the action!! Marty, an eager and willing bottom, soon takes them both on, riding Johnnie before sliding down on Jose's impressively thick rod! After getting tag-teamed, Marty lays back and gets a dual, sticky cum facial. Several spurts fly right into his mouth which he happily swallows down before cumming all over his own slim body!

Bareback Twink:

4) Jose Manuel and Frank Buillett
Added: 2011-08-06
(included on DVD Sparta Video: Bareback Packers #4, 2008, scene 4)

Jose Manuel picks up Frank Buillett at the airport and takes the brunette back to his place. Once there, the twinks start to kiss and waste no time stripping. The uncut beauties take turns stroking and sucking each other, trading blowjobs back and forth. Jose is soon moaning even more loudly than before, once Frank works his tongue into the tight pink sphincter. After rimming Jose for a while, Frank works his raw cock deep inside the bare hole and fucks his buddy bareback. Jose rides Frank for a while and, after alternating positions, the two young men are soon close to exploding. Jose comes first, unloading all over his belly and Frank follows soon after with Jose close at hand to make sure he tastes any cum that flies in the air.

Sweet & Raw:

5) Randy Scott, David Smith and Jose Manuel
Added: 2010-09-07
(included on DVD Gordi Films: Basement Fuck, 2008, scene 4)

At a summer boot camp, Randy Scott, David Smith and Jose Manuel are sharing a room. David Smith wakes up early and quite horny. Since the early bird gets the worm, David sucks Randy Scott, who is still sleeping. Soon, however, Randy is awake and so is his cock! They take the action to Jose Manuel's bed where the 3 hot, slender jocks start kissing, sucking, then rimming each other. Soon, Randy Scott has his legs spread wide for David's big cock. He gets his sweet young hole fucked bareback by both young until the shoot their loads and swallow the other's cum.

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