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[Mustang] Red Light

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Red Light MVP098

Scene 1

Bruno Bond has come to purchase the thrills and chills Tyler Saint proffers to deliver. The leatherman skillfully pleasures the bored businessman, fondling and massaging his hirsute frame. He starts to suckle his customer�s cock, sending shivers up and down his spine. But then the tide turns and Bruno finds himself all trussed up and bound. He is taunted and teased with slow firm strokes, followed by quick stinging slaps. Then he is force fed his master�s big dick. Bruno� s pain-and-pleasure threshold is soon tested as Tyler fingers and rims his furry ass. And then � when he knows Bruno is finally ready � Tyler plows his hole every which way until he punctuates the action with a shower of mancream. And then, only under Tyler�s scrutiny does Bruno get to jerk himself off to climax.

Scene 2

Jake Dakota and Josh West are two of a kind; similar in body type, bravado and sexual aggression � which one will dominate the other? They go toe to toe, groping and grabbing, then they trade off greedily knoshing on each other�s knobs. The action and excitement quickly gain momentum. The enormity of Jake�s cock jammed down his throat makes Josh gag, but that isn�t enough. He takes charge and has Jake sit back with his legs stretched wide apart so he can lick and munch the puckered asscrack. He follows that up by ramming his engorged cock high up inside his buddy�s juiced-up hole and fucks him while Jake busily strokes himself. Jake shoots his load while Josh is still screwing him from behind. Finally he climaxes and cums; both men left standing, completely satiated and content.

Scene 3

Slick and suave Leo Giamani sits in his car with his motor running and his manlust racing out of control. He fixes his steel-eyed look at a muscled stud who responds by acknowledging the bold flirtation. Vince Ferelli approaches Leo�s car, eager to hop along for the ride. He grabs Leo�s shift stick and starts to suck the meaty rod. His lips are wrapped around the entire shaft, while his hands trace the details of Leo�s classy chassis. The action accelerates and both men�s engines are racing. Leo shows his appreciation for Vince�s own classic features, focusing on his cock by hungrily guzzling it down his throat. Then he drives his stiff dick up his asshole, churning up and down like a greased-up piston. It�s a race to the finish as they jerk themselves off and shoot their wads.

Scene 4

Diesel Washington is Big Daddy flashing a big wad of cash, an even bigger appetite for sexual fireworks, and a hungry Tristan Mathews to satisfy his every whim. Diesel is like fierce chocolate thunder, raining punishing demands on his compliant manwhore, subjecting him to an intensely athletic program of cocksucking and ass-fucking. Diesel has Tristan by the ears and forcefully facefucks him � he is rough and tough. Diesel is such an impressive presence that he overwhelms the pint-sized callboy, making their sexual positions increasingly gymnastic. Things get real kinky with a vodka enema, and finally climaxes with the overwrought Tristan getting a super spooge facial that really earns him all those crisp dollar bills.
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