♺ Hart Throb (1993)

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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2014-03-08 |
director John Trennel

Adam Hart
Bo Summers
Claude Jourdan
Michael Brawn
Phil Bradley
Ty Russell
Yan Moreau

Look-at'em go! The team that was responsible for last Fall's blockbuster, TAKEDOWN, is back again with a new show that promises to be an even bigger success. Studio 2000, John Trennel and Adam-Hart have reunited for another plunge into video sweat that will take you on a roller coaster of multiple orgasms leaving you limp and smiling. The show is HART THROB

Anyone who has seen TAKEDOWN (or Powertool, Aspen, Score 10) or a long list of other shows) will know that John Trennel is a treasure, His talent is unique and his commitment to sacrifice neither heat nor quality in his work doubles that uniqueness. His work is rarely equaled and when he is at his best, he is unbeatable. HART THROB is Trennel at his best and that is really something to see.

HART THROB also brings back Adam Hart--a bigger and better Adam Hart. Good as he was in his debut video, Adam has grown tremendously and has changed from a reactive character to an active, aggressive, self-confident young man in control of his w6rld--all without losing a jot of his considerable charm and appealing warmth. And when it comes to the sex, Adam is completely ready for all comers.

Just as the title HART THROB grew out of Adam's name, the subject matter of the show grew out of some of Adam's experiences. It's almost entirely biographical and the only fiction is in the shaping of the details into a whole. Its a kind of hot porno docudrama.

HART THROB is the story of Adam's coming out while he is on tour out on the stripper dance circuit and how that coming out affects his relationship with his roommate back home.

The man that brings Adam out is played by Michael Brawn. And that's easy to understand. Michael, with his handsome, masculine GQ face, his eloquent proportioned and muscularly taut body, his radio announcer voice that seems to wrap you up inside ' a warm mouth, and his quiet, self-assured, open, direct, healthy and undemanding sexuality, should be everyone's coming out experience.

Adam's roommate is played in the show by Claude Jourdan. With a lithe, toned and supple body, European fashion model drop-dead looks, a sharp mind, an open and engaging personality and high sexual energy, Claude has just what it takes to rev up Adam's motor--and anyone within viewing distance as well. Straight into this show from his debut in Kristian Bjorn's Call of the Wild, Claude is the perfect compliment to Adam in the final scene--making it a thing of beauty and joy forever-and a real ballbuster!

Big-dicked Phil Bradley (Scorcher) has never been more into a partner than he is into sweet-assed Yan Moreau (The French Erection). Yan is angel handsome; devil spirited; too young to go steady; but old enough to know that he wants it all and just where he wants it put. And Phil is all prized and oh-so-ready to oblige. Bo Summers (introduced in TAKEDOWN) can always be counted on to give a hot, sexually exciting show. In HART THJROB he is paired with his real-life good buddy, Ty Russell. It's Ty's first show but the term newcomer would be misleading if applied to Ty. From the word "Go" we have a real pro here-hot, hard and ready for anything you've got to offer. We're certain to see a lot of Ty in the coming year. Meantime, this is his debut and he and Bo set an awesome performance pace that will be hard to then to top.

A heated celebration of male sexuality, HART THROB is a positive affirmation of coming out balanced against a throbbing probing exploration of unrelenting hot sex.

HART THROB, John Trennel, Studio 2000--on the move and burning it up in the 90's.

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