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The Black Pack 1

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DescriptionChaosMen – The Black Pack I

Rob: Solo
Rob contacted me last week. He said he
was looking to make some money for an
upcoming trip, and asked if I was
interested in a solo with him. You bet!
Anyone who has been a fan of this site
knows how hard it has been to keep the
diversity going, and Rob is a "sure
thing" when it comes to hot guys. He
was so much fun to work with when we
just did photos. Though, I was a little
surprised to hear from him. He is very
quiet, soft-spoken, so I guess I would
call him shy. His reaction when he takes
his pants off is priceless - he smiles and
covers his eyes/face. Don't blink or you
will miss it. It's very endearing.

But once he gets naked his confidence
increases, and it's like dealing with a
completely different Rob. By the end of
the video he is completely in the zone.
He's nicely endowed and gifted with the
proverbial bubble butt. If I can talk him
into it, I'd love to get him back for some
guy-on-guy action. If that happens, I
can't decide if I would like to see his
front side, or his backside in action.
We'll see!

Jherrad & Rob Serviced
Things got a little out of hand in this
video. Rob enjoyed doing his solo, but
was not sure about working with
another guy on screen. I talked him into
doing a "Side by Side" jack-off. I know, a
little boring, but I felt like once Rob got
going, hey might actually reach over
and jack his partner off, or better yet,
let the dude give him a blow job.

Now Jherrad, he is a pro. Very sexual
and very intense. He liked the idea of
trying to get Rob to do more. So I
secretly told him to push Rob's limits a
little, a request I have never made
before. Believe it or not, usually
everything is all mapped out before
hand, ensuring everyone's boundaries
are respected. But I took a gamble on
Rob and just "knew" he'd give as good
as he got.

The tension as they got started was
palpable. Jherrad leading the way, and
Rob sneaking peeks, becoming less
interested in the video, and more
interested in Jherrad. Jherrad finally
whispers, "Let me help you with that."
and starts jacking Rob off. Eventually
Rob reaches across and returns the
favor. Score!

They eventually decide to lose the
clothes, and as they are undressing,
they can't keep their hands of each
other, getting closer and closer. I'm
thinking, "Are they gonna kiss?!"
Nope...narrow miss. I think at this point
Jherrad was toying with him! Turns out I
just had to wait a bit longer, and they
were kissing on each other. Jherrad
could see that Rob liked his nipples
tweaked, and as soon as he started
chewing on them, a switch was flipped.
The next thing I know, Jherrad had
Rob's dick in his mouth. Score!
Jherrad's knees began to cramp so he
stood up to take a breather and get a
few more kisses in. Rob must have
thought it was an invitation as he
teasingly worked his way down to
Jherrad's dick! This was turning out to
be an adventurous video after all!

This video is not fast-paced, it's not
filled with lots of moaning and groaning,
but it is filled with lots of dynamic
tension that just slowly builds to an
explosive ending!

Nate: Solo
This is a seriously far back flashback!
I'm a little fuzzy on it, but I suspect this
is one of the first videos I shot. One
camera and basically continually shot.
It sat on the shelf for so long because I
quickly moved in to multiple camera
angles. I LOVE seeing a guy's face when
he nuts, and without two cameras, you
just don't get the full effect. I'm also
wiggling around a lot in this, and it just
felt more amateur than I think amateur
should be.

When I went back to edit this video, I
was surprised at how long Nate went in
this. He was rock hard and jackin for
fifty minutes, pretty much straight
through. When it came time to nut, he
was REALLY ready. Fifty minutes of
watching anyone jack off is a bit much,
so I cut it down to 14 minutes, which
still a bit long for a jack-off video. But
we were keen to add a bit of fetish stuff
in it- Nate loves underwear, and he
wanted to show off his cock through
wet underwear. We did a pee shot, and
then it was down to the serious
business of making his big stick cum.

Nate is one of those guys that you feel
is putting on a show just for you, so I
hope you enjoy!

Mica: Solo
Well, it's true, I don't seem to have that
many African American dudes on the
site. So I was super pleased when Mica
approached me about doing gigs. He's
done work elsewhere, so he was
relaxed and ready to go.

I try to encourage energy and for the
guys just to go crazy, so I think it's nice
to see him really beat his meat with
wild abandon. He seems up for more
work, and I do believe there is a blow
job in his future. Enjoy!

Mica: Serviced
Mica showed up to do his Solo and right
aftward asked if there was another gig
he could do. I was a bit unprepared, so I
told him he could do a Serviced video
the next day (even though I am trying
get the other guys in on the blowing
action) There is just something so
perfect about Mica's build. Perfect
chest and abs, that I started him off
kneeling, and out plopped his half-
chubby left over from doing the
thumbnail shots for the video. One
advantage is, wow, I don't turn so red!

You guys might not realize but in order
to shoot these vids, I have to keep one
arm braced out of the line of fire, thus I
am basically balancing myself with my
mouth and stoking hand. I think I might
hold my breath the entire time too. As I
have said before, I never really notice
what the guys are doing face wise.

There are sections when Mica is
watching himself get blown, and I swear
he gets harder from it! He was also
pretty good about having his ass
rimmed. I dunno if it means we have a
bottom in the future, but he was a lot
less shy about this portion of the video
than most.

And true to what he said in his solo, he
wanted to make sure (And so did I!) that
every last drop went down the throat
when he came. A little bit dribbles out,
but for the most part, I think it even
bypassed my tongue and coated my
throat. It's always a tricky thing
swallowing a load for the camera. Half
the audience loves it, while the other
half doesn't believe they actually came.
Clearly this kid nutted big time! I do try
to squeeze out a little at the end....just
like you would.
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