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Elder Peterson & Bishop Angus - INSPECTED

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DescriptionMany of MormonismÂ’s secret rituals can seem strange and titillating to outsiders. These rites, performed in temples only worthy Mormons are allowed to enter, include baptisms, endowments, marriages, and the erotic washing and anointing of young MormonsÂ’ naked bodies.

And thatÂ’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Most secret of all are the sexual ceremonies by which young men are initiated by older men into the highest order of the Mormon priesthood. Culminating in ordination by insemination, the rites prepare a young man to serve at the will of his superiors and then later to pass these traditions on to other young men.

This grueling but pleasurable process, administered only to finest specimens of youthful masculinity, begins with a
complete inspection. Mormon boys deemed good candidates for The Order are nominated for inspection.

Elder Peterson, having been selected, is being inspected by hunky Bishop Angus.

He hadnÂ’t known quite what to expect from this interview with the bishop. He was elated when the encounter proceeded quickly to kissing, stripping naked and being fondled by the powerful older man.

Peterson knows that holding the Priesthood is a responsibility as well as a blessing. He also knows he can be trusted to represent The Order and find other worthy boys to be inseminated.

HeÂ’s excited that one day he himself will be inspecting handsome young missionaries.

Other missionaries who had been initiated warned him that the inspection would be thorough. Even still, when the bishop bends him over his desk and spreads his cheeks wide to gaze down at his tight young hole, the boy is thrilled but anxious. Peterson has been told that he has a great muscular ass, and he can tell from the bishopÂ’s grunts the bishop is pleased.

A moment later, Bishop Angus has buried his stubbly face in the missionaryÂ’s butt, licking and spitting and making the boy moan. The tiny beard hairs scratch, but they also send a shock of pleasure through PetersonÂ’s body, who has never felt anything like it before.

Peterson looks back between his legs at the bishopÂ’s bulging tool, and he tries to wait patiently for him to line it up with his hope. As amazing as the rim job feels, the boy needs to be fucked, hard, against the desk, as soon as possible. Elder Peterson is overcome with lust to have this hunky gay daddy inside of him.

And as if the bishop can read his mind, he stands up and presses the head of his cock against the boy’s hole. “Are you ready for me?” he asks, but pushes it in without waiting for an answer.

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