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Deviant Otter Mega Collection Two

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DescriptionDeviant Otter - Starfucked - DELTA BRAVO-
So I fucking love Twitter.  Its basically the best tool to sexually harass pornstars and woofy guys publicly. I kinda hated using it at first because I didn’t understand it, but it was an awesome way to connect with men who I have crushes on and fantasized about. For about a year now the ever so sexy Max Cameron and I have been chatting back and forth and we finally found some time for him to get his sweet sweet ass to Boston to make some raw fuck vids. Turned out that Max and I have a mutual friend in the Boston area and his name is Bravo Delta. We all went out to the bars and I mentioned to Bravo we should do a threeway with Max. Apparently those two have wanted to fuck for a while so it was a sealed deal. Next day Bravo came to the hotel room and was destroying our holes. This fuck session was so fucking hot and fun, I’ve never flip flopped so much in a threesome and it was awesome. I love these guys!

Deviant Otter Flip Flop Fucker
I forgot to mention that back in December I had a crazy, fantasy, slut-fuckfest weekend at a hotel downtown. There were a bunch of guys that I've wanted to bone but hadn't been able to because they live across the country, so I saved up my pennies and flew their asses to Boston. The first victim to arrive was my buddy from Seattle. Super chill dude, well traveled, smart, respectable career and a total rough pig. I decided to do something different this time around and brought in outside help for the weekend to help film, plus having 22 year old eye candy in the room filming doesn't hurt, especially when you make them take off their shirt. Unfortunately for you gentleman I can't show his adorable mug or other man parts because of HR bullshit, but he's not too shabby of a camera man for his first time. Speaking of first times, this is my first actual raw flip flop. ……………..

Fucking A Fan For My Man
I’m always super flattered and excited when dudes come up to me because they recognize me from my smutty online videos. Apparently this stud, Harker, has been crushing on me since I woofed at him in PTown last summer. I had no clue because it wasn’t until I had hosted a party for the site's one year anniversary that he finally sacked up and approached me and my boyfriend. He told me he had made it his mission for me to bang him, which I thought was fucking adorable. He was looking good and my man was SOOOOO into him that I told Harker I’d fuck him if he let my boyfriend watch and record it (and join in of course). Like most video virgins he was a bit hesitant, but I’m a patient man, and great things come to those to wait. I’m pretty sure I’m the first guy besides his ex-husband to fuck him raw and cum in his ass so that was a fun accomplishment for me! Wicked nice kid and I can tell we’re going to become really good buds beyond just the sex. So if you see me out, don’t be a stranger, you could be next!

Deviant Otter Hungry Bottom  Double Penetration
I don’t intend on repeating too many guys on here, but my Pup really wanted to have a threeway with Dakota after watching all the footage from the first vid. Dakota’s the man. There are very few bottoms that I’ve met in my life who can take a dick, toy, fist, baseball bat, etc for the amount of time of this kid can so it was a great challenge for me and Pup.

Pure Filth
Both of these dirty hot fuckers are no strangers to the DO site. Originally I was just planning on shooting with them separately, and I did, but they both just looked soooo good together between their ink, piercings, and deviant demeanor, that I had to pair these two up…and jump in from time to time because I can’t control myself. Lots of hot raw fucking and cum sharing. We tweeted some pics of us all sweaty and worn out after shooting and the first was response was, “You guys look like pure filth,” and I couldn’t agree more. Woof.

Deviant Otter  Jizz Filled Cum Whore
I met this cum hungry stud a month ago at one of the Manhunt Mansion pool parties. I was minding my own business getting pissed on off in the corner and I spotted him and his buddies watching. I ended up chatting with them and was feeling their vibe so we snuck into the mansion and found an empty room and had a full-fledged man orgy. Unfortunately it came to an abrupt stop because we were caught by one of the residents and were understandably asked to leave. But I’m greedy and wanted more of this kid’s ass so I had him come over to my place this past week to finish what we started and it was such a hot fucking lay! I truly appreciate a willing bottom who lets me have my way with him. Gagging on cock, drowning in piss, relentless hole pounding, dildo double penetration, multiple loads: this piggy bottom took it all with a smile and still begged for more. I definitely feel like I’m getting my mojo back!

Deviant Otter-Monster Cock
I've been trying to get this guy on camera for months because he has one the biggest cocks I've ever seen on a white dude. We met at a Manhunt pool party back in the summer, I'm pretty sure it was the same one that Jizz Filled Cum Whore was at. Anyway, me and my boyfriend were automatically dicknotized when he whipped out his dick so we had some fun but didn't go all the way. I kept pressing the guy about doing a vid with me for months, especially since he loves showing off his cock so much. It wasn't until running into him a few weeks ago at the local bar that he said he would do a video if we left then and there. I was a little drunk but I wasn't going to say no. Not really sure what changed his mind and don't really care, I finally have documentation of me servicing one of the biggest, meatiest, monster cocks of my life.

DeviantOtter - Muscle Pups' 1st Threeway
I first met this furry, Brazilian piece of man when I was fortunate enough to do a shoot with him for Fort Troff last summer. We hit it off right away on and off camera and I developed quite the crush on Tony so we stayed in touch. A buddy of mine was hosting a Halloween party and needed hot guys so I suggested that Tony and his boyfriend come up to work and also do a video. Come to find out this was their first threeway! They roughed me up so good. It was so hot having them take turns on my hole and fuck me relentlessly until I couldn’t take it anymore and then keep going

Men - Drill My Hole - Fucking My Self (Colby Jansen & Deviant Otter)
Colby Jansen would give anything to travel back in time to when he resembled the incredibly good looking Deviant Otter. All he really wants is to fuck his irresistible younger self. Today is Colbyís lucky day as his one wish comes true. He takes full advantage by sucking his own younger cock and pounding his own younger ass, just as he had always imagined.

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