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Russian prisons have the reputation of being the worst hellholes in the world. Take the case of two inmates. These hoodlums were too busy fucking each other to notice that their kidnapping victim had untied the ropes and called the police on them. So now they’re locked up in one of the loneliest jails of the steppes of Siberia. It’s too far from civilization for friends or family to visit. The stinking, filthy cells are overcrowded. Men are forced to share the same bunk, and they’re constantly horny. Surviving means taking it and taking it hard. Some guys sell their bodies for protection, whether it be from a kindly fellow inmate or a muscular tattooed prison guard. The guards are constantly bored and randy. They often gang rape the weakest inmates in the shit house, or stick their raging hard-on through the bars to get sucked off. The prison medical staff has equally bad manners and a repertoire of torture methods.
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