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Producer's Note: These three scenes of Jason (star of "Str8 Loads #1") were originally filmed in 2000 upon his return from a construction gig in Florida. The tapes were misplaced in a studio move and after months of searching are now found. Thank the Stars! These sexy encounters burn up the screen!!

Jason is 20 years old, 6'2" tall, 175lbs, Irish/Italian, and just look at those beautiful hazel eyes. As scene one opens the camera lingers over him while I prepare for the shoot. As soon as I touch Jason's cock he gets a roaring hard-on. When I slip off his boxers and start to suck him I feel his cock throbbing in my mouth, and when I start to lick his balls he throws his head back and closes his eyes. As I begin going up and down a little faster on his cock I can tell he's ready to cum. I jerk his big load onto his stomach. Jason is still sporting a woody as he dresses up and exclaims "That was Good!" Now he's ready to roll.

Jason stops by after a hard day at the construction site. He starts to read girlie mags and when I pull his jeans off you can tell he's hard. I pull his cock out of his boxers and chow right down! Jason stands up and I lick up and down his shaft and take his whole cock in my mouth. He plops back down on the sofa and when I measure his cock it's a stiff 8 inches. While sucking him I pull him towards me and unzip my pants, then I take out my cock and begin rubbing it against his cock. He's in the perfect position at the edge of the sofa for me to lick his balls and tongue his asshole. I take Jason's throbbing cock back in my mouth and when he grabs my head and fucks my face he starts to moan and begins to shoot a geyser load. Before he leaves I take a few shots of his beautiful ass and still-hard cock and then ask him if he wants to go again--not this time. Perhaps because he just had sex with his girlfriend last night?!

In scene three Jason stops by for a brewski and a blowjob. He's still hurting from a minor surgery and Vinnie Nightingale comes to the rescue again. It's been about five days since he's busted a nut so after stripping down to his "wife-beater" and new "Michael Jordan" boxers we get started. Jason is already rock hard and ready to go so I lube his cock and stroke it for a while. I can feel his cock swelling even more when I go down on him, and while giving him some real deep-throating I take out my cock and start stroking it. Jason seems curious again this time so I start to rub our cocks together and in no time he blows a huge load all over our throbbing dicks. As hot as that was he wants to go again, and after a short break he's ready.

This time he tries some poppers and that seems to make him harder than before! He watches me intently as I stroke and suck his slippery dick--long, slow and deep. Jason's cock is as big as I've ever seen it! I take out my piece and sit next to him on the sofa and begin to jerk off with him. I lube both our dicks and after I start to stroke and jerk him again he moans and spills out a big load right in my hand. That's enough incentive for me so I blow a big load in my own hand. Even as he starts to dress and is ready to leave Jason is still ROCK HARD!! If this guy builds houses that have the same staying power as that cock of his then they'll never fall down!
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