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Brodie is back! Phenix Saint, the bad boy of porn turns Brodie into a screaming bitch boy. This self proclaimed "straight boy" was turned into a pussy boy in no time! Phenix fucks the hell out of Brodie Sinclair and takes no prisoners.

Phenix Saint Fucks Brodie Sinclair
Phenix Saint and Brodie Sinclair! Just saying the names of those two together in the same sentence makes me want to cum. Seeing Brodie's tight and amazingly bubble butt get penetrated and stretched by Phenix's giant cock is a sight all men on Earth should behold. There's just something about Brodie that no matter how much trouble I put him through I don't think it will ever be enough. If I told you all the things I want to do to that boy they wouldn't even make sense. Yet, I'm sure you know exactly what I mean. You must be crazy not to be thinking the same things. I mean, have you seen how his bubble butt bounces up and down when you slap it? It makes all tops go nuts and all bottoms jealous. It's no wonder Phenix is all over it (and inside it) in a matter of seconds. But do not be fooled, Gentlemen. Brodie knows how to use both of his holes equally good and the amount of spit his mouth produced for this scene is enough to flood the Sahara the same way that you are going to flood your pants with jizz after you see this! Don't say I didn't warn you!

Dorian Fucks Jackson
Jackson Wild makes his Cockyboys debut getting power fucked by Dorian Black. I'm not sure if I have ever seen a boy that can take it down the throat and up the ass as hardcore as Jackson. The scene opens with Jackson deepthroating Dorian's cock. Like a snake eating its prey, Jackson eases Dorian's dick down his throat all the way to the base of the cock. Dorian is a pretty accomplished cocksucker himself, so the two boys take turns sucking dick. Then Dorian throws back Jackson's legs and starts rimming his hole. Dorian spits on it and then tongue fucks him. It's seriously hot. Next Dorian gets down to business, bends Jackson over the couch, and starts fucking him hardcore doggie style. Jackson arches his ass up and takes a serious fucking. Dorian wasn't sure he was getting his point across so he spins Jackson over and starts pile driving him -- ramming his cock up Jackson's ass. The boys fuck in a few other positions as Dorian bruises up Jackson's ass. The scene ends with Dorian pulling out and blowing a serious load over Jackson's back. Jackson, proving he's not defeated, spins around and shoots cum all over Dorian's face. If you don't bust a nut to this one, you might not have a nut to bust. Check it.

Bobby Fucks Josh
If any of you saw Josh's other scene you'll know that he's quite the veracious bottom. He'd been dropping some not so subtle hints that he wanted to take Bobby Clark for a ride so I thought I'd make it happen. The two start making out in the kitchen and you can see the chemistry is immediate. These guys devour each other! Josh works his way down to Bobby's hard cock so he can show off his deep throating abilities. Bobby's impressed to say the least. Bobby decides to return the favor and gets down on his knees to service Josh. But...Josh wants more dick so he drops down to the floor to worship that cock of Bobby's some more. Bobby knows how much Josh wants it and teases him as he slaps Josh in the face with his cock. When it's time to get down to fucking Bobby bends Josh over and fucks him doggie style over the kitchen sink. Then Bobby bends him over the stove, propping Josh's leg up so he can get in real deep as he slaps his ass. Damn that cocky Bobby - he even grabs a banana to snack on while he's giving it good to Josh. After they finish their mid-fuck snack Josh actually suspends himself up with his hands between the kitchen and the stove while Bobby drills him. The two finish up by jerking off face to face. The two shoot their loads all over each other making them both a hot sticky mess.

Austin Fucks Jesse
So my buddy Jesse said to me the other day "I think it's time we get another big muscle dude to slam-fuck my ass on film". Who am I to argue with that? He already had a dude in mind - big fuckin' Austin. They've known each other for a few years but this was Austin's first time on film with us. They start off making out for a bit before Austin drops down to his knees to blow Jesse's fat cock. Jesse, not one to to pass up a hot cock, gladly returns the favor. Austin starts face fucking him - ramming his cock to the back of Jesse's throat - hot! Lucky for Austin, Jesse is one talented cock sucker who can take a deep hard face fuck. Jesse decides it's time to put that big cock up his ass, puts a condom on Austin and sits down on Austin's huge dick and rides it for all it's worth. Then Austin decides he wants a little more control and bends Jesse over a table and really gets in for some deep hard fucking. It's just what Jesse wanted but by the look on his face I think he got more than he bargained for. Then Jesse lays down with his back on the table so Austin can fuck him nice and hard missionary style. I mean - this dude is POUNDING Jesse. Jesse's barely able to take any more cock when he shoots a huge load all over his hot ripped abs. Austin pulls out and jerks off a nice fat load all over Jesse. Jesse's not gonna walk right for a week.

Phenix Pile Drives Jonathan Lowe
OK, so maybe not everything that happens in Vegas stays in Vegas! Jonathan, Phenix, some of the rest of the gang and I were all in Vegas a couple of months back kickin it. If you look closely you can see the Vegas skyline in the background. One thing about my boys is no matter where they are -- they constantly want to get off. Jonathan was super horny for some reason, and wanted Phenix in the worst way. Phenix is always ready, so the boys went to town. This scene starts with some great oral -- both these boys have big dicks -- and Jonathan gets especially turned on working Phenix's Prince Albert. The boys switch to 69′ing each other, and Phenix starts fingering Jonathan's hole to prep it for his cock. Then Phenix pushes Jonathan onto his stomach and starts fucking him -- not a lot of easing into it -- Phenix immediately starts pounding Jonathan's ass. Just when Phenix eases up a little Jonathan starts pushing back and fucking himself on Phenix's cock. Next Phenix stands up, lifts Jonathan's ass in the air, and pile drives him. Jonathan's ass is literally pointed to the ceiling as Phenix fills it with cock. The boys keep the wild fucking going until both shoot cum all over the place. This is one hot fucking scene
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