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Original upload: 2015-06-17 |
Japanese game. You will need to change your OS to Japanese.
Or just go to system and change Unicode to Japanese for playing this game.
There is an original version uploaded in 2012, but this is an append version 3.03.
New characters and CGs. It has my savedata in it, if you do not want it, please clean the savedata folder. Or you can simply ignore it.
The event and CG collection is not 100%, but is above 90%. Costmize characters should be set, please change them if you do not like them too.

This game is about an small company within a college, build to help Athletes' students that are in need of money in order to stay in the college.
You as the player will be renting out these athletes student that fits the needs of who want them, to sell out their looks and body.
Usually without sex, and make sure they are safe without any leaks that will damage the students' future in sports.
There are works can be accept that will be more dangerous, from sex to hardcore SM play. Which you will have to be careful for who will be okay with it.

The basic goal is to reach certain profit goals before player character graduate.
You can go for any character within that time, and when you have the character's End Flag, then you can choose which ending you wish to go for.
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