Tickled Hard - Alex2-2 - TH-t126

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DescriptionAlex arrives dressed in one of his favorite black suits, not sure why Franco asked him to come dressed that way. It quickly becomes clear that this isn't a formal affair, but Alex goes with the flow and strips off his suit. Once he's stripped down to his shoes and socks, Alex starts strapping himself to the tickling board! Franco finishes the job, then blindfolds Alex and tests his senses. Franco starts tickling Alex on his flat stomach and exposed ribs, causing him to laugh hysterically and do a little jig. He rubs the handle of a small leather flogger deeply into Alex's ribs, then uses a standard toothbrush to tickle Alex in his armpits and on his stomach. Lightly brushing the bellybutton drives Alex crazy, and so does using the spit-moistened handle tip. Franco continues the tickling by combing Alex's armpit hairs, then makes Alex dance by digging into his pits and shoulder muscles with his strong hands. Franco puts Alex in a more comfortable position and the tickling continues with more ab work and, of course, the inner thighs. After wearing Alex out, Franco lets him sit down and prop up his size 7.5 feet. He removes Alex's shoe and takes a little taste of his moist, socked foot. Then he takes off Alex's other shoe, and after a whiff, rubs his foot while Alex strokes his hard cock. Franco slowly removes each sock while Alex jacks off to porn, rubbing each foot as he exposes it. Alex extends his legs, thrusts his hips and points his toes while he's beating off. Right after he shoots a big load of cum on his abs, Franco jumps back in the scene. He tortures Alex's sensitive cock with his rough hands, then tickles him into a giggling little ball.
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