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DescriptionWilliam Higgins Wank Party 2011 #6

If you like whipped cream, this one's for you!

Wank Party 2011 #6 features Artur Lafek, Danek Carka, Michal Adamus, Martin Mourek and Jonas Vedrel. This is a cream party, as you will see. It all starts of rather sedately, with Artur and Michal feeding banana, strawberries and cream to Jonas, at the same time smearing his chest with some of the cream. Then, out of the blue, a cream pie flies into view and squirting everywhere as it lands. This is the cue for the guys to go wild, throwing and squirting cream at each other, and having a lot of fun doing it. It gets extremely raucous as the guys go at each other with the cream. At one point someone jumps and as he lands he slips on the cream and lands on his ass, knocking Artur over as he goes. Soon a semblance of order is restored and the guys start to suck, with Martin and Michal sucking Artur and Danek, who squirt cream over their dicks at the same time. Jonas assists by keeping the supply of cream on the dicks. The two suckers are rock hard and Danek grabs a handful of dick to wank. Then they switch and Artur and Danek start to suck on Martin and Michal with Jonas squirting more cream,as required. Martin and Michal kiss, through a mountain of cream, as they are being sucked. Then, as seems only right, Artur and Danek start to rim Martin and Michal, again with a profusion of cream smeared on their holes. Next it is onto some very good fucking, with Martin sitting on Artur's rock hard dick and Danek shoving his dick deep inside Michal's tight ass. Martin's dick is rock hard as he bounces up and down on Artur's dick, then a change of position. Martin on his stomach with Michal astride him, so that both of their asses are exposed to Danek, who starts to fuck, while Martin and Michal take turns to suck on Artur. after a while Artur and Danek swap places and the action continues apace. Another change of position with Martin and Michal both on their sides with Artur fucking Michal and Danek's creamy dick sliding in and out of Martin's ass. Soon Martin shoots his load as Danek fucks him and Michal cums while he is being fucked too. Then the finale is Artur, Jonas and Danek shooting their loads over the faces of Martin and Michal and having their dicks sucked clean, before going off to the shower.
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