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Meet Tommy, a hot Midwest guy who likes to be a little adventurous from time to time. Tommy is a very sexual guy, and has some ideas that he might like to get with a guy sometime. But so far he has not had much experience yet. He's been touched by his buddies, and liked it. He even gave his buddies head, and that got him interested in more. Tommy definitely likes to give head, but this was going to be a solo shoot. So I decided to help out in any way I could, and give Tommy a chance to get his lips on my own thick cock. Once I got out from behind the camera, I gave Tommy a major mouthful of man, but for a beginner he definitely seemed to want to learn fast. Soon Tommy was jawing down on my bone like he was made for it. Then his shirt came off so I could see his lean toned body and creamy skin. Tommy has amazing stamina and pretty soon he started loosening his jaw muscles so he could take more of my cock through those hot lips. After a few minutes of working on my tool, Tommy was ready to bust his own cock out and start jerkin on it while keeping his lips on task. Then Tommy decided it was time to drop his pants and get ready to let me tease his hot round ass. And tease it I did. Tommy definitely liked the feeling of my hot thick cock smacking his butt crack, and my thick tool looked so nice stroking those creamy butt cheeks. Then Tommy got back to work on some more major cock throating bringing me right to the edge of blowing my nuts. Tommy laid back and unleashed a load all over his washboard abs, his first shot went all the way to his pecs. That was more than I could take, and I blasted bucket loads all across Tommy's shoulders and neck.

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