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DescriptionChaos Men

Prentice Solo
Prentice is friends with Ransom. He had sent me his pictures several months earlier, but Prentice moved to the East coast to take care of his grandmother. After an extended stay, he was eager to get back to Austin, and I believe he is staying with Ransom. Of course Ransom would prefer a paying roommate, so he once again approached me to work with Prentice.

So after what seemed like almost a year, we finally got Prentice in the studio. He's very active, and you can tell he works out hard. He has modeled and was joy to work with. Prentice also really enjoyed showing off, and his solo has that extra something that some of the more nervous participants seem to be missing. He's not sure about doing guy on guy work, but Ransom seems to be encouraging him every step of the way, so we might get him in for at least a blow job. But I am not holding my breath. He seems very reluctant

Prentice & Shiloh Serviced
I believe it has been about 3 years (and 45 pounds more of muscle) since Prentice did his solo. He was a very popular model that never could get his head wrapped around working with a dude. Mostly it was about not wanting his friends to give him a hard time, but as one gets older, it usually becomes less important. And the holidays were coming around. He has kids and though he has a great personal training business, everyone needs some extra money around the holidays.

Last week, if you tuned into Armani's solo, you saw that we had a bit of a blooper on that. In order to get a solid solo on him, everything shifted a day, and we weren't able to get his oral video done. Shiloh was set to do that oral, and I felt bad leaving him without his own holiday money, when Ransom texted me that Prentice was ready to go full-tilt with guy on guy work. I sent Shiloh some recent pics and he was more than eager to service Prentice. We had a last minute replacement!

I had no idea he had put on so much mass, and had forgotten just how big he is. I wanted to capture that by doing his Serviced video standing. Believe it or not, standing is a skill that most amateur guys do not have. Most guys are used to laying down, sitting or even kneeling. I shifted the cameras vertical to capture his mass! Prentice actually had problems getting hard for the opening photos where he was alone, doing the "invitation" photos "Come suck my dick!" So we were all worried he wasn't going to get his head wrapped around it.

I don't know for sure, but to hear Prentice talk, I think he gets lots of offers to have sex, and likely hasn't had to spend a lot of time jerking-off. He has a hot girl to do the work for him. Once Shiloh took charge, his cock got super hard through this sweats, and popped out all engorged. I just have to give props to Shiloh who took on this massive dude whole-heatedly! He gets all piggy with him.

Normally we stop filming to take some action shots but I just pulled out the flashes and took the photos as Shiloh kept him charged up. I cut that out of course, but the point is we shot this pretty much straight through, and poor Shiloh's jaws and knees were aching by the end. I especially like the ass-eating in this one. Shiloh is aggressive, and knows how to juggle the rimming while keeping Prentice hard and charged-up. I am certain he had a blast doing this video.

Prentice even face fucks him with his head trapped against the bed. No escaping that cock! And there was no escaping his load either. Prentice shoves his cock deep down Shiloh's throat, unloading his seed into his tonsils. I don't know how Shiloh didn't gag, but he does a great job of showcasing the load, though I am sure he was not too happy not being able to swallow every drop. He starts scooping it back into his mouth, licking it off his fingers. This is definitely a powerful serviced video with a hot muscle dude making the little guy his bitch! My thanks to Shiloh, who fucking nails this video!

Dwayne Solo
Dwayne is a hot African-American guy who isn't very tall, but has an awesome body and loooong dick on him! He even grew out his pubes for us, This kid really likes to show off. He sheepishly admits it's because he has a big dick.

He was keen on keeping his socks on, so I don't even know what his feet look like. But fans of dudes in socks will be happy. I like this solo. He's turned on by being filmed and delivers an awesome load!

Dwayne Serviced
Dwayne was super nervous about getting his dick sucked by a dude. He has had offers from gay friends, but he just couldn't see himself trying it. I guess his friends need to offer to pay him something!

Even then, Dwayne is a typical straight guy, worried about staying hard and looking at the video a bit, though it really only gets glaring when he needs to shoot. He's quiet, but he does give Ransom some tips and encouragement along the way. Ransom gets a major bicep workout stroking his cock till he nuts!

Bruce & Cedric
Cedric let me know that his main interest in video work would be to bottom, and with a special preference for hung dudes. Bruce was only to happy to oblige an eager bottom. Enjoy!
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