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Executive produced by Kristen Bjorn (who also shares editing credit with director "The Bear"), Moscow: The Power of Submission is a sumptuously produced epic of dominance and submission featuring a delectable smorgasbord of rock hard Russian soldiers. Clocking in at over two-and-a-half hours, it's epic in length, too.

Boasting exotic location photography, a lush instrumental score and, naturally, a throbbing assortment of ten impossibly gorgeous cock-wielding comrades in (and out) of uniform, Moscow: The Power of Submission is the Doctor Zhivago of gay porn.

We open on the snowy streets of Moscow, as yummy boy toy Corporal Slava is accosted by a pair of KGB agents and taken to headquarters for a thorough - and I mean thorough - strip search. Bare-assed Slava, whose plump ween stiffens to rigid attention right before our very eyes, is then subjected to a cavity search that involves a camera, a latex glove and a pair of retractors. After, Slava is led buck-naked to a jail cell, where he'll wait until the cock-starved General calls on him.

As Slava catches some winks, we flashback to Slava as he's spying on four comrades getting it on in an apartment. Slava's in the corridor, peeking through the door; the four buff soldiers are playing cards, drinking vodka and brandishing firm cocks, each one poking all the way out of his boxers. Slava observes much delicious debauchery, as the foursome suck and fuck each other and shoot and ooze enough boy juice to satisfy the fluid quotient of just about any average porn flick. Most of the yogurt shots are hands-free, too; Moscow...  is full of gushy, oozy hands-free ejaculations. In fact, I haven't seen so many unassisted cum-bursts since American Pie!

Back to current day, incarcerated Slava is taunted by hunky guard Boris, who feeds his massive tool through the bars and crams it down Slava's accommodating throat. After some more sticky squirting, Boris fastens a cock lock onto Slava's bits and pieces, ensuring that he'll be full of cum for the General.

The General has a stylish office with a huge circular window that overlooks the snowy rooftops of Moscow (lending his scenes an astronomical boost in production value). The General calls Slava into his office, then whacks off to (and onto) the pictures of Slava's strip search. The General then instructs Boris to lip-moisten Slava's dry bunghole, which he does obediently - and proficiently.

Under orders, Boris shoves his monster cock into Slava's tight hairy poke spot while the General flogs Slava's jaw with his own impressive bone, pushing it forcefully into his hungry mouth. Resisting at first, Slava slowly allows himself to be dominated and gets into being used as human finger-cuffs.

The "interrogation" moves over to the bearskin rug where the General finally gets a piece of Slava's precious ass. Needless to say, the bearskin rug gets doused in streams of jetted man juice. And the General is satisfied. For today.

Soon after, we see Slava getting tossed out of a car onto the snowy streets. As he trudges off to the address he's retrieved from his pocket, we jump across town to the makings of a sizzling threesome involving two soldiers, a horny aristocrat and a big house to play in. What follows is a fiery sequence involving a blindfold, some mild foot play and a cum-shot factor so splattery the screen literally drips with the pearly stuff.

Finally, we catch back up with Slava as he connects with the yummy soldier from the flashback four-way and they passionately suck and pound until their swinging nut sacks are depleted.

Your own sack might be depleted, too, for all the stroking and spurting happening onscreen. Director "Bear" orchestrates some seriously hot sexcapades, and executive producer Kristen Bjorn's influence is evident throughout this polished production. As for the beautiful boys, some are baby smooth and some are naturally fuzzy in all the right places, but all of 'em are exquisite - and well-equipped - sex fiends.

Moscow: The Power of Submission is bursting at its seams with tasty, virile hotties who let loose rivers of steamy pearl juice all over each other. (Be certain to check out this film's companion documentary-porn Behind the Curtain: The Making of Moscow.) I haven't seen so much squirting and oozing since my last frat circle-jerk. From Russia with love, indeed. And with lust... and with many sticky returns.

-- Beef Stroganoff

• Winner: Best Foreign Release — 2002 GAYVN Video Awards
• Winner: Best International Video and Editor's Choice for Best International Director — 2001 Grabby Awards

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