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Grindin' Axe [Amateur.Straight.Guys]
Running Time:  119 minutes, 1.11 GB
Released:  11/2007
Director:  Doug and Jay 
Stars:  Axe, RC, Ryan, Dustin, Dirk 

Scene 1. Axe and Dirk: Axe called us up recently and wanted to have some fun and get off, so we told him to come on down. And is he ever looking good! It seems like he's grown a full size every time we see him. Well, we told him we had a suprise for him - Dirk. We sent him in to wake up his suprise and go to town. This smokin' hot video is what happened next.

Scene 2. Axe and Riley: Our resident stud Axe pulls it off again with a hot as fuck session with Riley Scott in today's update. Riley has always wanted to be with Axe and when the two got together recently they really enjoyed each other's company..and then some! Both guys were so into each other we almost felt like we were buttin in.

Scene 3. Axe and Ryan: When we had Ryan in for a weekend last month, we couldn�t help but remark on how hot looking he was! I asked Jay �Who do you think would look good with Ryan?� And he said that Axe was a good match. They�re both smooth muscled studs, tatto�d, even similar haircuts. Plus we knew that Axe loves a good butt slamming, so this was gonna be hot! So late one afternoon after Axe got off of work we shacked these two studs up in the guest house at our friend�s place. Axe was all sweaty so decided to take a shower before things got rolling. No mater how many times I see Axe naked, there�s nothing like watching him all slippery wet! After the shower Axe went back to the guest room to find Ryan all worked up and jacking off. Not one to waste words he quickly started going down on him. He�s apparently learned a lot about the art from Doug and Jay because very quickly he had Ryan so worked up that he not only returned the favor but then started pounding Axe�s hot hole! I�m sure you�re going to enjoy this super hot fuck fest � Axe enjoyed it so much he cums twice :-) What a way to start off a week!

Scene 4. Marcus and Axe: This is one excellent Friday because we have just made history! For the first time ever, Marcus fucks the hell out of another guy. And not just any guy, he's our own Axe. When I think of Axe having to take Marcus' huge dick... I was ready to feel bad for him because Marcus is so big, but once he got going, he had the ride of his life! (I loved Axe's facial expressions while he was getting pounded by Marcus' enormous cock.) Hahaha... Just recently, Marcus took it up the ass from one hot chick with a strap-on on Ashlee's Playhouse, and now he's bangin' Axe! How hot is this?! Not to mention what a sport Axe is for being able to get Marcus off for us on cam.

Scene 5: Axe and Jackson: During Jackson's last visit to Phoenix we decided to pair him with one of our most versatile and hottest guys...seemed appropriate right? Axe agreed to work with Jackson and we decided that the video would start off as a two-guy massage with a "who knows?" ending. Well not only did this plan work out but it goes down in the fucking ASG Hall of Fame! Jackson who is a trained masseur and Axe got horny and oiled up and gave each other full body rubs. Everyone knows how horny Axe can get so when HE was ready to get busy and there was a nice fat dick in front of him - he went for it. Jackson followed suit and what transpired after that was true "experimentation heaven". Both guys licked and sucked with a hella hot ending as Jackson turned Axe on his back and gave him some Tennessee sausage.
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