[Falcon Anthology] Best Of Colby Taylor-Vol 2

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DescriptionNine scorching hot, full-length scenes from some of Falcon's greatest titles of all time make this collection a must own.

See what makes Colby Taylor a true Falcon Legend!

Best Of Colby Taylor, Vol. 2

Directors:John Rutherford, Chi Chi LaRue, Max Phillips, Jeff Russell, and John Bruno
Studio:Falcon Studios Collection

Full Cast:
Colby Taylor,
Mason Wyler, Jeremy Penn, Roman Heart, Blu Kennedy, Ethan Michael Ayers, Eric Hanson, Matthew Anders, Michel Lucas, Thom Barron, Matt Skyler, Shane Lancourt, Nino Bacci, Matthew Rush, Tony Bishop, Justin Gemineye, Jason Spear, Troy Apollo, Rick Matthews, Nicholas Clay, Tristan Jaxx, and Todd Welch

1. Colby Taylor, Matthew Rush
Colby Taylor and Lifetime Exclusive Matthew Rush have always been hooked on each other, but they’ve never had the chance to admit it. An innocent game of wrestling encourages them to finally take the plunge.
see also Hooked (Jocks)
found in compilation The Best of Matthew Rush 1
found in compilation Falcon 40th Anniversary Collector's Edition

2. Colby Taylor, Nicholas Clay (us), Rick Matthews
Colby watches Nicholas Clay and Rick Matthews haggle over a polaroid camera. While the two argue, Colby steps out to make a call. In Colby’s absence, the two men begin to undress one another. Rick goes down on Nicholas and Colby finally notices. He closes the garage door and joins in. Rick’s talented throat plays host to the two big dicks shoved deep down, while Colby and Nicholas kiss and lick each other. Colby decides Rick needs help, and they both eagerly lick and suck on Nicholas’s tool. Colby and Nicholas pin Rick to the futon between them, Colby deep in his ass, while Nicholas ferociously fucks Rick's face. They put Rick on his back, legs in the air as Nicholas takes his turn fucking Rick. Colby takes the opportunity to shove his dick in Nicholas’s face as he watches Nicholas pound Rick's ass. The men try a few more sexual athletics and are soon blowing their loads all over the futon.
see also Up for Grabs (Mustang)

3. Nino Bacci, Colby Taylor
When Nino Bacci and Colby Taylor get together, the chemistry is electric. Colby immediately buries his tongue in Nino's ass. Nino sucks on Colby's stiff cock. The two studs nurse on each other's pricks until Nino can't control himself and begins pounding Colby's ass. Nino pumps Colby until Colby shoots his load and then Nino sprays his own all over Colby's chest.
see also Convictions 2
found in compilation The Best of Nino Bacci (Falcon)

4. Colby Taylor, Matt Skyler, Thom Barron
Colby Taylor connects with pig-studs Matt Skyler and Thom Barron in an attic room. The three studs divide their attentions between sucking and rimming...carefully working their cocks up to maximum stretch. Colby and Thom take turns feeding Matt's face and ass alternately...opening him up wide at both ends. Finally when the heat becomes to much for them, Colby and Thom blow their loads over Matt...adding to the sweet sticky mess pooling on Matt's chest.
see also French Connections 2: Conquest
found in compilation The Best of Matt Skyler

5. Colby Taylor, Shane Lancourt
Colby Taylor likes it early in the day and he welcomes Shane Lancourt for a morning workout. The two men feed on heach other, running their hands and mouths over each other's bodies. They take turns sucking cocks and nipples, jamming their tongues inside each other's cracks...working themselves into a frenzy. Shane rides Colby's stiff hard prick, then together they stroke themselves to orgasm.
see also Desert Hart

6. Colby Taylor, Roman Heart, Tony Bishop, Blu Kennedy, Troy Apollo, Justin Gemineye, Jason Spear
Colby Taylor enters a seedy sex club and immediately eyes Roman Heart. There's instant chemistry as the two studs go at it. In the background, Tony Bishop, Blu Kennedy, Troy Apollo, Justin Gemineye and Jason Spear watch the action while stroking and sucking their own meat.
see also Getting It in the End
found in compilation The Best of Roman Heart 1

7. Michael Lucas, Colby Taylor, Matthew Anders nonsex
Hiking through a tropical forest, Matthew happens upon two other travelers—Michel Lucas and Colby Taylor. The two stunning young men are out enjoying the sights and each other…asking Matthew to snap their photograph amidst the natural splendor of a tropical forest. As soon as Matthew leaves, the couple decides to enjoy their own respective beauty. Colby services his eager friend, taking Michel’s stiff uncut cock into his mouth, savoring the tool from tip to shaft, finally bathing his balls with broad sweeps of a soft but insistent tongue. In no time at all, Michel is on his knees returning the Colby’s oral affections, his tongue wandering over the balls and into the crevice of Colby’s ass, his finger probing the pucker of his hole. Raising him up, Michel fucks Colby hard and fast; he continues the erotic rhythm as the pair lay nestled in the back of their car. Frenzied, anxious for release, the two taut men stroke themselves to orgasm, blasting each other with their thick hot loads.
see also High Tide

8. Jeremy Penn, Eric Hanson, Ethan-Michael Ayers, Colby Taylor
When Jeremy and Eric arrive at Ethan-Michael's, they find a blindfolded Colby Taylor devotedly sucking Ethan-Michael's thick cock. Jeremy and Eric are quick to enjoy the hot action and begin stroking each other as they look on. Unable to restrain themselves, Jeremy and Eric join Ethan-Michael in feeding the hungry cocksucker their hot young meat. Eric fucks Colby as Colby rims Ethan-Michael and Ethan-Michael deep-throats Jeremy's aching cock. The four tight young studs continue their group fucking, rearranging themselves as their desires shift and mount, until finally each of the men spill their load over Ethan-Michael's tawny chest.
see also Hot Wheels
found in compilation The Best of Eric Hanson

9. Colby Taylor, Tristan Jaxx, Todd Welch, Mason Wyler
This hungry quartet finds themselves poolside and itching to go. Tristan pairs off with Mason, while Colby takes Todd on and the two sets of eager studs compete to see who can out-suck, out-fuck, out-rim and out-sex the other, until they switch partners to carry on even more.
see also Endless Crush
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