Sexy Lukas Pribyl

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DescriptionGreat collection of videos from the incredibly sexy and versatile Lukas Pribyl.

1. WH - Lukas Pribyl Session Stills
Lukas Pribul is from Uhersky Brod and is aged 19. He works as a barman and enjoys sports, kick-boxing and fitness. What a beautiful guy Lukas is. He has a wonderful blush to his cheeks which makes him look even more handsome. He is a very snappy dresser, looking very smart indeed as he starts the shoot. He could easily be a fashion model with such good looks and, as we see when he opens his shirt, a very good body to. He poses with the shirt open, and then draped over his shoulder with his chest fully exposed. His abs look great too and he does more posing before turning around to give a teasing view of his ass. Then he drops his pants and we see his cock too. Soon he is posing with that cock nice and hard, showing off his biceps as well. Using a chair Lukas leans back with his cock standing proud for us before he sits, back to the camera with his ass in full, glorious view. The hole is nicely exposed for our inspection, and what a treat it is too. Lukas is a really beautiful guy who shows us everything in this really excellent shoot. Happily for us all he has been back into the studio for more shoots, so as well as his erotic video, which will appear next week, we will soon have even more of him.
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2. WH - Lukas Pribyl Erotic Solo
Lukas Pribyl is from Uhersky Brod and is aged 19. He works as a barman and enjoys sports, kick-boxing and fitness. Lukas is a stunning looking guy, such a beautiful face and body. He starts off with his interview and picks up a bottle and shows us some tricks he has learned as a barman. Then he begins his show, standing and running a hand under his shirt, before unfastening his shirt. He runs his fingers over his torso and up to his chest, with one hand rubbing his groin. Removing the shirt completely Lukas stands and poses a little as he caresses his body and face. Next he opens his fly and pulls out a nice hard cock, together with his balls. That cock looks great just poking out of his pants, and then Lukas begins to wank it a little. He opens the pants and shucks them down some, so we see that cock so much better, standing nice and proud for us. Lukas turns around and shows his smooth, perfectly shaped ass, he bends forward a little as a hand rubs over it, pulling the cheeks apart. His hands work over the ass and he pushes it back, towards the camera, showing his hole as his cock hangs between his legs. Then with both hands he spreads the ass to give and even better view of that tight pucker hole. As he shows that hole, writhing around for us, he pushes his cock down between the legs, giving a great view. Lukas then sits and removes the pants completely and begins to play with his cock again. It gets so hard as he leans back and plays with it. Then he lifts is legs in the air to give another view of his hot hole, pushing that throbbing cock back towards us at the same time. Lukas is ready to blow and starts to wank himself, soon squirting a very nice load for us. It squirts nicely up chest chest and Lukas lays back to relax a bit, his spent cock still hard in his hand, breathing heavily. Then he goes of to the shower to finish a really lovely shoot. Lukas is a really wonderful guy, who looks beautiful on camera and is a real treat everytime he comes into the studio.
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3  WH - Lukas Pribyl Massage
Lukas Pribyl is a fabulous looking guy who we were very keen to work with. This massage was set up as a little softener for, hopefully, more to come. Lukas stands before us, against a dark background and dressed in dark clothes. He looks wonderful as he removes the clothes, showing us that sexy ass. Then he turns around and shows us the front view. Lukas then lays down, on his front to await the masseur, who duly arrives. He takes some oil and begins to work on Lukas' back. His hands rub, sensuously, all over his back and ass. Then they include his arms in the massaging, as he is astride Lukas' legs. Next the masseur moves his attention to Lukas' legs, firstly the right leg, on the thigh and working down to the ankle. Then he massages the left leg in the same manner. Lukas' feet are then massaged before the masseur switches his attention to that sexy ass. His hands squeeze and massage each cheek in turn. His hands slide down between the thighs as we look from the side and as we change angle we see that Lukas cock seems to be hard as a hand rubs over it. The hands spread the cheeks of that ass too, exposing the hole. The a hand rubs over the cockhead as another hand is teasingly rubbing the ass crack. Lukas moves onto his knees, with his cock down between his legs and the masseur takes hold of it and begins to stroke it. The hole is visible as the cheeks are nicely spread while he is being wanked. The masseur then takes a vibrator and, using some lube, slides it into that tight hole. It fucks in and out of the hole before a thicker one takes its place. As that vibrator is pushed into the hole we get a side view and see that Lukas cock is still hard. The vibrator is deep in his ass for a while, and he takes it well, before being removed. It is replaced by the slimmer one and that is again worked in and out of his hole as he is being wanked. Lukasthen turns over and his cock, still rock hard, and ready for action. The masseur rubs it as Lukas, holding his legs in the air, feels the vibrator invading his ass again. The masseur wanks on Lukas' cock ti, with the vibrator held in his ass, he shoots a nice big load. The masseur milks that cock as he works the hole somem more, then he removes the vibrator and rubs that creamy load all over Lukas' body. What a lovely scene and Lukas proved himself to be a very good sport about it.
Size 317MB  Time 24.01

4 WH - Lukas Pribyl Valeriy Vilemcuk
Lukas Pribyl is a really great looking guy who we have moved steadily onto to bigger and better things. Today we have his screentest, paired with Valeriy Vilemcuk. Valeriy does a brief interview with Lukas and then leans over to start kissing him. As he kisses Valeriy is rubbing Lukas' body. Lukas takes his lead from Valeriy and begins to feel his body too, groping his cock through his jeans. As they continue kissing the open each others jeans and pull them off, revealing two nice, hard cocks. Valeriy wastes no time in going down on Lukas' cock and sucking it into his mouth. Lukas begins to fuck that mouth, with some gusto. Valeriy then grabs hold of the cock and licks and sucks it before Lukas gets on his knees and fucks Valeriy's face somem more. Lukas is then ready to move on to something more and begins to rim Valeriy's hairy hole. He also fingers that hole nice and deep. Valeriy then takes a turn at rimming Lukas' ass too. Then Lukas is ready to fuck and, with Valeriy on his knees, he pushes his rock hard cock deep inside that ass. Lukas is a quick learner it seems an makes a very good job at fucking a guy for the first time. He changes position so that Valeriy can sit on his hard cock and ride it, working his ass all over that dick. Then the guys move to missionary position for Lukas to fuck some more. Lukas fucks Valeriy real well and holds his legs in the air, raising that hot ass for deeper access. Then Valeriy lays down again and starts to wank his cock as Lukas fucks him. Soon Valeriy is ready and shoots a nice creamy load over his leg. Lukas is also close to cumming and moves up so he can squirt a massive load of cum all over Valeriy's face. Valeriy then takes the spent cock in his mouth for some final sucking before Lukas lays down next to him and they kiss to bring a wonderful screentest to an end.
Size 427MB  Time 30.54

5 WH - Lukas Pribyl Jirka Maly
I have posted 3 teasers on the blog, about Breaking Lukas Pribyl, so I am pleased to see that today we post the full scene with him and the lovely newcomer, Jirka Maly. He is a very cute blond guy, with a nice build. We see him walking along, carrying his football. He finds Lukas and invites him to play. Lukas, though wants to show Jirka a great view of Prague and takes him up the steps to the viewing point. Jirka, though, has a different view in mind and places his hand on Lukas' and smiles as him. Lukas takes the hint and immediately give Jirka a long, lingering kiss. Then they walk off to find a spot to play a little. They begin a little kick-about until Jirka flicks the ball up for Lukas to head. Lukas does it, but seems to have hurt himself in the process. Jirka quickly goes to check him. It isn't a serious injury and ends up with the guys kissing again. All thoughts of football are forgotten as the guys walk down the hill and get inside so they can play a different kind of game. Lukas lays on the bed and the kissing begins again. Jirka helps Lukas off with his jeans and we see that he is already rock hard and ready for action. As they kiss again Jirka strokes Lukas' big, hard dick. Then he works his way down to that cock and begins to suck it. His hot mouth savors the taste of Lukas' big cock and his hand is inside his own shorts feeling himself. Then he moves up to kiss Lukas again, who reaches out and feels Jirka's dick in his shorts. Jirka's shorts come off and his massive dick flops into view. He positions his ass just over Lukas' head. Lukas grabs that big cock and begins to wank it and then quickly starts to rim Jirka's tight little hole. Jirka's massive tool his hanging down as Lukas tongues his hole. He moves his ass over that tongue and then changes posistion so Lukas has better access for rimming. Lukas loves it and is wanking himself while his tongue laps at Jirka's hole. He really loves that tight ass and soon starts to finger it as well as rimming. Two fingers stretch the hole as Jirka moans, Jirka is soon ready for more and gets up and sits his ass right down on Lukas' throbbing dick. He rides up and down on that pole, really working his hole well, while Lukas' hand is wrapped around that massive dick, wanking it. Jirka's cock has grown bigger and thicker as his ass is being fucked and Lukas' dick is working in and out of his hole. They move to a spoon position so Lukas can fuck that ass and kiss Jirka at the same time. Jirka's cock is nicely trapped between his legs as his ass is being pounded. He obviously loves that cock in his ass as his own stays rock hard while he is being fucked. Jirka wants to show Lukas just how nice some ass play can feel and begins to rim him and wank him. Lukas has his legs up giving easy access as Jirka tongues his hole. Then the moment arrives, Jirka slides his rock hard cock into that virgin ass and slowly begins to fuck. He picks up speed, fucking with nice long strokes and wanks Lukas as the same time. Lukas is really feeling it, but doesn't want to stop and soon shoots a lovely creamy load of cum all over himself, as Jirka continues to fuck him. Then Jirka pulls out and sits astride Lukas' chest wanking himself so he can shoot his load over Lukas' chest and face. He does just that and when he can completely drained the cock he leans over for a final kiss from a newly initiated Lukas. What a great scene with two really good looking guys who really got into each other.
Size 599MB  Time 43.09

6 WH - Lukas Pribyl, Tomas Kukal, Jan Sadecky - Czech Up
Lukas Pribyl had an accident on a motorcycle, on his first ever ride on one. His ankle was set in plaster and we invited him in for a Czech Up with our very own medical team, of Tomas Kukal and Jan Sadecky. We first see the medics, and they are discussing the fact that Lukas is coming in. Tomas says he wants to have some fun, but that they must be nice to Lukas. There is a knock on the door and Lukas comes in, on crutches. Jan tells Lukas to get undressed so they can do a full check up. They help him off with his clothes, and dress him in a white surgical gown. Then Lukas climbs onto the examination chair and puts his legs in the stirrups. The gown is lifted, exposing his cock and balls, as Jan listens to his chest. Meanwhile Tomas busies himself checking Lukas' cock. He slowly wanks it and as it gets hard he starts to suck on it. Lukas' hand goes on to Tomas' head and pushes him down on his cock, at the same time kissing Jan. they really enjoy that kissing as Tomas sucks on the cock and balls. Tomas then kisses Jan, who replaces him in sucking on that cock. After some kissing Tomas joins Jan in sucking Lukas' cock and balls. Jan then puts a glove on and starts to finger Lukas ass as well. Jan then gets naked himself and his cock is rock hard too, as he kisses Lukas. He climbs up so his cock is close to Lukas face, but Tomas leans over and starts sucking it before Lukas has a chance. Then Tomas goes back down on Lukas' dick and Jan's cock is available. Lukas wastes no time, he wanks it and then takes it in his mouth. Tomas sucks on Jan again and then gets naked himself. So now Tomas is being sucked by Jan as he himself sucks on Lukas again. Those cocks are all throbbing and ready for action. Tomas moves around and sucks Lukas, but his ass is presented to Jan who rims it and then fingers that hole. Once it is loose enough Tomas climbs up and sits his ass down on Lukas rigid dick. He rides up and down on that cock as Jan sucks him. Tomas takes it very well indeed, but wants something different. So they change positions so that Tomas can now fuck his cock into Lukas hot hole. While Lukas is taking that cock Jan sucks him as well. Lukas is really feeling that dick in his ass and wanks himself hard, shooting a big creamy load. Tomas pulls and shoots his cum too. Jan goes down on Tomas cock to suck him dry and then stand and cums over Lukas. Tomas returns the favor, sucking Jan's dick dry of cum. All three guys, having dumped their loads end with a final kiss.
Size 513MB  Time 37.54

7 WH - Lukas Pribyl Zdenek Berdak
We invited Zdenek Berdak in for a Screentest, with Lukas Pribyl. Lukas drives up in his car, then he gets out and removes his shirt as he walks into the park. He stands around and watches as people pass by. Zdenek, on roller blades, goes past him, and then turns around to come back the other way. He is just coasting as he approaches Lukas again. Lukas says hi and asks if Zdenek can teach him to roller blada as well. He suggests going, in the car, for a drink. Zdenek goes back to the car with him and they get it. Then Lukas let's the real reason out, as he suggests they don't go for a drink but find something else to do. He starts by kissing Zdenek. Then his hand drops to Zdenek's shorts and starts to rub him. Pulling the shorts open we see that Zdenek's cock is quite hard and Lukas goes down on it. He sucks on that nice, fat cock a while. Then the scene changes and the guys are on a sofa, naked, with Lukas still sucking. His own cock is hard and he is wanking it as he sucks. He then moves, climbing on top of Zdenek, slipping his cock into his mouth for sucking as he leans over and begins to rim his ass. Lukas' tongue laps at that ass hole, and then begins to finger it, while his own cock is being sucked. Two fingers push into Zdenek's ass while he wanks on Lukas cock. Zdenek's ass is soon ready for cock and they change position so that he can sit himself down on Lukas' throbbing dick. He rides that cock a while and then turns around and sits down again, with Lukas thrusting his dick deep into that eager ass. Lukas really loves that ass and fucks nice and hard. He then puts Zdenek into missionary position and continues fucking him as hard as he can. Zdenek loves the feeling and wanks himself as well, soon shooting a mighty big load of cum. This soon sends Lukas over the edge too and he moves to shoot his cum all over Zdenek's chest and face. Zdenek then takes the sticky, spent cock into his mouth for cleaning before the guys kiss to bring his Screentest to a very nice end.
Size 381MB  Time 27.16

8 WH - Lukas Pribyl Mirek Ceslar - Kink
In this Raunchy Sex scene we see Lukas Pribyl, blindfolded and chained as he stands waiting for his master. Mirek Ceslar arrives and starts to rip at Lukas' top and underwear, tearing it open. Lukas' cock is rock hard already and Mirek's gloved hand takes hold of it. He wanks and sucks on that throbbing dick for a while and exchanged kisses too. Then, smoking a cigarette Mirek takes out his own cock. He instructs Lukas to bend forward and suck on his cock. Lukas does as he is told, gagging on that big dick. He is made to suck on Mirek's cock before being bent over to expose his ass. Mirek rims that hole and then fingers it some. Next he slides a dildo into Lukas' hole and fingers it some more, getting it ready for cock. Mirek really stretches that hole, using three fingers to open it wide. Then he shoves his massive dick deep inside Lukas' ass. Lukas is moaning all the while as he ass gets fucked nice and deep. Still chained Lukas is then put onto his back, for more fucking. Mirek's dick goes nice and deep pounding that hole, with Lukas feeling every single thrust. Lukas takes hold of his cock and wanks himself to a massive cumshot as Mirek fucks his ass. Then Mirek pulls out and shoots his load all over Lukas beautiful face to end a wonderful scene.
Size 486MB  Time 35.47

9 WH - Lukas Pribyl Session Stills 2
Lukas Pribyl is 19 years old and lives in Uhersky Brod. He works as a barman and in his spare time he enjoys sports, kick-boxing and fitness. I can never get enough of Lukas, so was very happy to see this stills shoot with him, looking as lovely as ever. He always looks very smart and today is no exception. As Lukas strips off his clothes he poses beautifully, showing off all his many assets. That handsome face, with its lovely smile, and then his very good body. As he poses we see every inch of Lukas. His cock gets very hard and that ass is shown off to perfection. What a lovely shoot from a really handsome guy.
Size 116MB  Time 10.00

10 WH - Lukas Pribyl - Erotic Solo
Lukas Pribyl is 19 years old and lives in Uhersky Brod. He works as a barman and in his spare time he enjoys sports, kick-boxing and fitness. We have seen Lukas many times before, but everytime he appears he is just as delightful, with his beautiful face and great body. In this video he does his interview, in English, and then stands up to start his show. Writhing suggestively Lukas starts to feel all over his body with his hands, lifting his tee-shirt to show his abs. Then he removes the tee-shirt and we see his great chest. He really does look good. His hand continue to work over his body, and down onto his groin. The belt comes off and the jeans are then opened, with a hand dipping inside. When Lukas pushes the jeans down we see that his cock is already rock hard for us. It stands at full attention as his hands touch it and run up his body to his face. He poses for the camera, that cock poking right out and skywards. Then he turns around and pushes that sexy ass towards the camera, with the cheeks parting very nicely. His cock is pushed down between his legs to complete a perfect view. Lukas then uses his hands to spread those beautiful ass cheeks, so we can see his tight little pucker hole. We linger a while absorbing the glory of that ass before he lays on to the table, looking up into the the camera as he wanks on his big, stiff cock. Then Lukas turns over to give us some more on that hot ass. Again his hands pull the cheeks apart to let us see that hole in glorious close-up. We can savor that hole as his hands squeeze those butt cheeks and just as we think things cant get better Lukas turns over and wanks that gorgeous cock until it shoots a big, creamy load for us. Then it is off to the shower to clean himself up. What a wonderful shoot from a really fabulous guy.
Size 402MB  Time 30.20

11 WH - Lukas Pribyl Jirka Maly - Backstage
Lukas Pribyl and Jirka Maly gave us a really good scene a few weeks back. Now we have a backstage video of the shoot, where we can see the guys working, together with the crew, to make the scene for us. It is always enjoyable to see the interaction and goings on during a shoot. I enjoyed this one very much.
Size 424MB  Time 31.00

12  WH - Lukas Pribyl Oondra Krahul
We invited newcomer Ondra Krahul in for a screentest and paired him up with Lukas Pribyl to see how things went. During the interview, at the start, Ondra professes to being a little nervous at doing something with another guy for the first time. But his nerves don't seem apparent as he begins kissing Lukas. Or, indeed, as his hand drops to Lukas' groin and begins to feel his cock. Ondra takes Lukas' cock out of his undies and wanks it, making it nice and hard. Then he works his way down the body to start sucking on that hard cick. He really sucks it well and then Lukas fucks it into Ondra's mouth. With his underwear off Lukas' ass is also available and Ondra fingers it somewhat, until Lukas takes over and plays with it himself. Ondra removes his underwear as he continues sucking on Lukas' hard cock. Then we see that Ondra is rock hard too and Lukas returns the favor by going down and sucking on it. He sucks it and has his mouth fucked as well before moving so that his can sit his tight little ass down on the cock. Lukas rides up and down on Ondra's big, hard cock, until Ondra takes over, fucking upwards into that tight ass. The guys change position, with Lukas bending over and Ondra's dick is wedged deep in his ass for more fucking. Ondra is certainly doing a great job, for his first time and continues with it as they change to missionary position. Lukas wanks himself hard as he is being fucked. Soon he is ready and shoots his load all over the place. Ondra pulls out and dumps a huge, creamy load over Lukas face. Lukas then kisses the spent cock and takes it in his mouth to clean it off. What a great screentest this is, with Ondra really showing what he can do. Lukas, as ever, was wonderful too.
Size 396MB  Time 28.34

13 WH - Lukas Pribyl Patrik Lukasz
When we paired Lukas Pribyl with Patrik Lukasz we expected a great scene and we weren't disappointed. We find them walking in the Kampa area of Prague and then down by the river as they enjoy an ice-cream. Once they get indoors they begin to kiss and Patrik quickly starts enjoying Lukas' nipples. Lukas helps Patrik off with his shirt and standing behind him feels his body. His hands slip down to Patrik's jeans and grope inside a little. Then Patrik lowers Lukas' pants releasing a quite hard cock. He goes down on the cock and sucks to full hardness. His mouth is nicely encasing the cock as he sucks. They lay on the bed, so that Lukas can lower Patrik's jeans and suck him as well. As they 69 their cocks are rock hard. Lukas moves so that he is on top as they continue to suck each other. Then he kneels and fucks his cock into Patriks eager mouth. Moving again Lukas is on his back with his legs up, ass exposed, as Patrik rims his tight hole. He fingers that hole too, with one and then two fingers before sliding his cock inside and fucking Lukas nice and hard. He grabs hold of Lukas' hips and really rams that dick deep inside. Patrik they lays down so that Lukas can sit his ass down on that throbbing cock.The fucking and riding continues apace as Lukas wanks himself. Very soon Lukas blows his big, creamy load as his ass if filled by Patrik's dick. The Lukas lays on his back so that Patrik can fuck him more. His ass is really getting a good pounding and Patrik builds up for his cumshot. He pulls out and dumps his cream all over Lukas face. He takes hold of that spent cock and cleans it off with his mouth. A final kiss brings a great scene to a fitting end.
Size 453MB  Time 32.42

Bonus 14 - Czech Hunter 59
"I wanted to use the last sunny days in the lovely small parks of Prague. So I went there and I soon realized that I was not the only one enjoying the nice weather. Many boys have been there. But mostly in a group. I don’t really like to approach boys who are in a group. Even if they are interested in my offers they usually would be too shy to accept them in front of their friends.. But I also met a few boys who were passing by alone. I finally found a great looking boy willing to make some extra cash and to show me his body. He sold me his undies on a very public corner. Then he agreed to follow me into the bushes for a blow-job. But when I asked him for a fuck… well, you will see what happened."
Size 515MB  Time 54.42
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