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MormonBoyz - Elder Hardt & Elder Jordan - Wrestling With God

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DescriptionMissionaries are generally only 18 ¬Ė 21 years old, but they¬íre expected to act like adults, always behaving with ¬ďquiet dignity.¬Ē This means they have a lot of pent up energy to work out.

One morning while Elder Hardt and Elder Jordan are quietly reading their scriptures, Elder Jordan reaches the Book of Enos. Enos was a prophet in The Book of Mormon who wrote about wrestling with himself before God to receive a remission of his sins. But Elder Jordan is restless, and his mind is wandering, and he starts to think about wrestling with his companion. Then he remembers that Joseph Smith, the founder of the Mormon Church, had been a great wrestler in his day. If the Prophet liked to wrestle, surely there¬ís nothing wrong with two missionary companions wrestling with each other? So Elder Jordan casually says, ¬ďYou know the Prophet, he was all about wrestling.¬Ē

Elder Hardt likes where this may be going. Elder Jordan asks him ¬ďDo you ever horse around?¬Ē Elder Hardt smiles and says he¬ís pretty good.

The two elders take off their shoes and get down on the floor. Elder Hardt knows they are going to have sex, but he¬ís in no rush to get there. He positions his companion on all fours, and then gets on top of him. ¬ďYou¬íre in the bottom position, and I¬ím on top,¬Ē he says. He puts one hand on his companion¬ís belly, and another on his bicep. He¬ís strong, but Elder Hardt is pretty sure that he can take him.
Elder Jordan has never really wrestled before. He feels a little funny, his butt up in the air and Elder Hardt’s hands on him, but he also feels butterflies in his stomach and his dick starts to tingle. He hopes he doesn’t get a boner — he’d die of embarrassment.

¬ď1, 2, 3 ¬ó go!¬Ē It isn¬ít long before Elder Hardt has Elder Jordan¬ís leg in the air and has pinned him to the floor. They start to breathe hard and get a little red in the face. Elder Jordan suggests that they take off their proselyting clothes so they don¬ít rip them. Elder Hardt can¬ít wait. They rip off their ties and shirts and tug off their pants. Stripped down to their garments, they get ready to give it another go. Elder Jordan is now definitely on the verge of a boner, but he¬ís doing everything he can to keep it from getting out of hand. He gets down on all fours, and then when Elder Hardt gets behind him, he thinks he can feel his companion¬ís dick against the crack of his butt, and he even thinks it might be semi-hard, too. His dick stiffens a little more.

This second round is much rougher. Elder Jordan struggles to get on top of Elder Hardt, but finds himself with his ass in his companion’s face. Elder Hardt works his way out of his grip, and as he does so his big dick slips out of the fly of his garments. Both of their bodies are clearly visible through their sheer garments as they roll around on the floor, especially their butt cracks.

Eventually, Elder Jordan sits on Elder Hardt¬ís chest and lifts hist legs into the air. Elder Hardt struggles, then laughs as he realizes he can¬ít get himself free. ¬ďI think you got me,¬Ē he says, and Elder Jordan rolls off onto the floor. They both try to catch their breath.

Elder Jordan wants to go again, but it’s really not respectful of the garments to get them sweaty, so Elder Hardt suggests they take them off. Elder Jordan doesn’t mind, and in a second they’re both butt naked, their fat dicks jiggling between their legs. Elder Hardt gets behind Elder Jordan a third time, one hand on his sweaty back, one on his arm, and his dick brushing against his ass.

This time, every muscle is visible as they flex and fight for control. They aren’t shy — their hands and faces graze each others’ butts and dicks as they roll around on the floor. There are big red patches on their pale white bodies from rubbing against the carpet and against one another. Grunting and gasping, Elder Jordan pins Elder Hardt to the floor. But Elder Hardt is no longer trying to pin his companion. He puts his two hands on Elder Jordan’s butt, and spreads his cheeks, and gets a good look at his companion’s hole. Elder Jordan feels vulnerable, but it’s also incredibly hot to have another man fondling him and staring at his butthole.

Elder Hardt has a full boner now. All of this horseplay has made him horny, and he wants to bury his cock in his companion’s ass. His companion is getting hard too, and neither elder makes any effort to hide his arousal. Elder Hardt wraps his legs behind his companion’s neck, and now that he’s immobilized Elder Hardt yanks on his dick and his big nuts. There’s nothing Elder Jordan can do about it. Then Elder Hardt climbs on top and rests his rock hard dick on Elder Jordan’s belly. He inches it toward his face. He grabs his dick and strokes it.

Elder Jordan asks, ¬ďAre you going to do a victory dance all over me?¬Ē And Elder Hardt does, working a giant white load out of his dick and spraying it all over his companion¬ís chest. He milks out the last few drops and then collapses on top of his companion, completely spent.

Both elders feel they understand the Prophet a little better now from personal experience.

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