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ChaosMen (0693, 0718, 0729) - The 1080p Hagan Pack - Volume III (with Antonio, Ransom and Eli)

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DescriptionChaosMen (0693, 0718, 0729) - The 1080p Hagan Pack - Volume III (with Antonio, Ransom and Eli).

Videos and Photosets included. This is the final volume in a 3-volume set.

1. Antonio and Hagan RAW: Images 1-4;
Hagan Stats: 20, 6'4", 205, 8.5" Cut;
Antonio Stats: 21, 5'9", 220, 6" Cut;
Release date: August 20, 2010;
Video Number: 693.

I admit it, I was worried. I had Antonio booked to do a scene with Hagan about a week after his scene with Taylor. If you remember that scene, Antonio could barely take Taylor's fat cock. And Hagan may not have the girth that Taylor does (Hmmm..maybe he does?), but Hagan definitely has length on Taylor. Most of the guys set to do scenes with Hagan are rather nervous. But I keep forgetting that Hagan is skilled or perhaps used to dealing with people not being able to take his giant cock. Nice, slow, and steady.

This time out, Antonio eagerly sits and rides Hagan's cock. Antonio likes to watch straight porn between takes, but he is at least bi, so working with Hagan and Blake really turned him on. He is constantly striving to improve his body, so getting into a little muscle worship seems to get him off. Antonio doesn't seem quite as amateur in this video, however Hagan still is a stealth fucker. It's funny the difference in how they both cum. Antonio always blows out the mics with his grunting, while with Hagan, you wouldn't know he was cumming if it weren't for the gobs of jizz shooting out onto Antonio's butt hole. I think this video ends with a pretty darn good cream pie. Hagan's aim is improving!

2. Hagan and Ransom RAW: Images 5-8;
Ransom Stats: 23, 5'7", 150, 6" Cut;
Release date: October 1, 2010;
Video Number: 718.

Hagan has that perfect body, face, and a huge dick, but I am still trying to get him to really ramp -up and use that giant stick of his like a jack rabbit. Ransom was next up to take his huge tool, and like a good bottom, he could have taken a pounding. But Hagan slowly fucks him, tentative about hurting his scene partner. It did keep hitting Ransom's spot and we had to cut while we waited for him to NOT cum.

Ransom, a seasoned professional by now, gets his dick sucked by Hagan to start with, and he does get hard for it, but you can catch this little moment where he is like, "Enough of this, let's get down to some serious dick sucking!!" He tosses Hagan over and goes after his cock with gusto. A little bit of face fucking too. When you see Hagan's cock flop out and lay against Ransom's face, you can see just how big it is. It's almost as long and big as Ransom's face! Anyway, Ransom totally gets off to Hagan's body and was truly enjoying the cock up inside him.

Ransom rode Hagan's cock, and his dick just got harder and harder, and I figured why not have him cum that way? Hagan stays hard for the moment, and after Ransom nuts, he pulls out and strokes for a minute then unloads, the cum oozing down his cock. Not one to let his load be wasted, he plunges it in to Ransom, who by then was ready for a post-cum nap and eager to de-cramp his legs!

3. Eli and Hagan RAW: Images 9-10;
Eli Stats: 20, 5'7", 145, 7.5" Cut;
Release date: October 20, 2010;
Video Number: 729.

Still trying to draw a performance out of Hagan. His cock is awesome, always hard, beautiful body and face, but is just so tentative and quiet when he fucks. More than a handful of you have noticed this and written. I don't know what to say other than he is a stealth fucker. So it seems in this video, super animated (And turned on!) Eli fucks circles around Hagan. We do a little POV-CAM during the oral, but Hagan was having problems holding the camera during the fucking- he often has to reach down and make sure his dick is not bending funky, so he needs both hands free. It's kind of cool to watch the oral with a bit of POV thrown in.

My favorite part of this video is when Eli rides Hagan's cock reverse cowboy. He started by getting fucked doggy style and for the first time since working for me he didn't think he was going to be able to take a cock. But once he started riding him, it clearly felt good as it got him hard. Eli was fucking working over Hagan's cock like a pro, bobbing his ass up and down on his cock confidently. Eli was so surprised that it was turning him on that he figured he might be able to nut while being fucked.

I know Hagan can stay hard long enough to fuck a dude till he cums (We've all seen vids where the Top has clearly lost his wood and all but popped out) but Hagan keeps solid and Eli has an intense orgasm. And though Hagan is quiet as can be, he fucks Eli a bit more, pulls out and nuts all around and in his hole, making sure his cum gets shoved inside his hole. He may not make much noise, but he sure can perform on command. A super hot video for a Wednesday! Two giant cocks and amazing cumshots. Awesome!
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