CockyBoys – Dallas Preston and Kane Fox

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Dallas Preston & Kane Fox are so hot for each other, they can't wait to go at it!  Having met before and fooled around a little, the spark of chemistry was even stronger when they reunited at Camp CockyBoys. So now they can finally go all the way...provided they can get inside the cottage to do it. Before Dallas can open the door, Kane pulls him aside to make out with him and grope his ass. And when Kane's hard cock presses against his, Dallas drops to his knees, takes it out and sucks him.

Kane takes charge right away, feeding his cock to Dallas and telling him what to do. That's just fine with Dallas who gleefully takes every inch, gags on Kane's cock and sucks his big balls. And when Dallas tells Kane he wants his cock in his hole, Kane is just as eager to grant his request...after eating his hole. While Dallas holds onto the door jam, Kane buries his face in his crack and when he's properly spit lubed, Kane drills his hole hard...much to Dallas' delight, expressed vocally with virtually no prodding.

Eventually Kane takes Dallas inside and bends him backwards over the sofa's arm to further feast on his hole and suck his cock. And just as Dallas wants, he gets fucked deep and hard. Kane kisses Dallas passionately and pins his arms to pound him deeper and though they both get close, Kane changes it up. He sits down so Dallas can ride him.

Dallas happily rides Kane's big dick and likes it even more when Kane thrusts up into him and manhandles him. Soon Kane takes on his ultimate power move by virtually commanding Dallas to cum. Once he gets Dallas to shoot his load, Kane commands him to receive his gooey facial- which he promptly slurps up.

Release August 2021
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