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[Raging Stallion] Get Some

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DescriptionDelivering more of what dynamic duo Steve Cruz and Bruno Bond dobest on the Hard Friction set, Get Some brings thehottest guys together, gets their chemistry firing and lets you watch astheir passion explodes! Eight incredibly sexy guys are paired up,showing off their amazing bodies, hot asses and big cocks. Thesexual force drives as these guys get - and give - some seriouskissing, sucking. rimming and fucking action. Every moment iscaptured up close, in person from the first kiss to every sticky finish. Ifhot, hung, sexy guys passionately fucking is your thing, then youbetter

Scene 1 Aybars and Dominik Rider

Aybars and Dominik Rider are in the Hard Friction studio. They are allsmiles at introductions but the passion takes over and soon Aybars isrock hard and Dominik is licking all over his pecs and biceps. Andfurther down his chiseled abs covered in thick black fur, working hisway down to a very thick meaty cock and balls. He services Aybarswith expert blows, then Aybars fucks his mouth driving deep inDominik's open throat. Aybars lubes Dominik's smooth perfectlyround ass with spit and tongue. He massages with long hungry licksburying his face deep in Dominik as he moans for more and more.He's a rim hungry pig, but somehow he's able to stand and giveDominik what he's begging for 9 inches of thick cock. Aybars fuckslike a prize stallion with agile galloping strides. He's in total controlserving his hungry bottom before a live webcast audience, which forDominik is ever more a turn on. Then Aybars flips Dominik on hisback and hits the spot. Dominik wails in deeper submission staringdeep into his power tops smoldering black eyes. Aybars drills forhome with Dominik jerking his uncut meat until he's blasted with whitejizz all over his smooth muscled chest and abs. Aybars pushes cumpig Dominik back down on his knees for a full facial finale. Nasty hot!

Scene 2 Cavin Knight and Sean Stavos

Sean Stavos and Cavin Knight are naked on the set of Hard FrictionLive. Sean is already hard, so Steve directs Cavin to suck Sean'scock. Cavin returns the favor by face fucking Sean while straddledover him on the sofa, his bubble butt bouncing with each thrustexposing his tight, pink hole. Hairy Sean wants a taste of that holeand spreads Cavin's cheeks wide. He licks and tongue-fucks Cavin'shole making it ready for his throbbing cock. Sean pounds Cavin frombehind as he clutches the sofa arm for support moaning in ecstasywith each powerful thrust. The two horny men are ready to switchplaces, so Sean lays back holding his legs wide apart so Cavin canrim his hot hole. Sean moans and writhes until Cavin has him welllubed and thrusts in his hard dick to pound his ass with no mercy untilSean blows his big load on his hairy chest. Cavin pulls out and jerkshis dick until it spews out his own load. Both men smile happilycontent.

Scene 3 Christopher Daniels and Krys Perez

Christopher Daniels and Krys Perez are butt naked in the HardFriction studio. The two kiss passionately until Christopher knows bythe look in Krys' eyes that he wants his throbbing cock sucked.Christopher gladly complies until it is his turn. He lays back and Krysenthusiastically deep throats his big meat until tears run down hisface! Agile Christopher spreads his muscular legs wide and exposeshis smooth hole to scruffy faced Krys who hungrily eats Christopher'seager ass. Horny Christopher is not sure how this lean, younger guyis going to be as a top, so he climbs up on supine Krys and rides hishard cock. Krys' rigid meat thrust in and out of Christopher's muscledass as Krys strokes his bouncing meat. Krys then stands up andpounds Christopher doggie style. This young guy is full of passionateenergy and really gives it to Christopher as he moans in ecstasy. Thetwo collapse on the bed and kiss as Christopher pumps out a juicyload then naughty Krys climbs up on Christpher's chest and blasts acreamy white load all over his face. The two kiss some more, minglingtheir tongues with the taste hot spunk.

Scene 4 Jesse Santana and Valentin Petrov

Connoisseurs of big cock are going to blow their wads over this hotpairing. Jesse Santana is on his knees before a very well hungValentin Petrov. You have to love something to truly do it well, by thelook on Jesse's face he's in 'hog' heaven. And he knows how tohandle every throbbing inch of Valentin's uncut Russian meat as itdisappears down his throat. Valentin returns the favor with the sameexpert skill. Jesse's equally girthy on the dick department. Even whenJesse flips Valentin to rim him he just can't seem to get enough ofthat uncut prize... he's sucking the balls and cock between his legswith Valentin's ass in the air. DAMN! Just when you think the actioncouldn't get any hotter, the fucking drives into high gear. First withValentin riding Jesse like a bronco, you see right up in there withevery pump and thrust, even though Valentin's throbbing monster isbouncing all over the place with much weight. Jesse takes over andthrust from underneath showing he's the man in control hittingValentin right in the spot! Sweating, grunting and pumping... Jesseflips Valentin on his back as they stay fixated, hypnotized by oneanother until Jesse can't take it any more and blows a white milkyload all over Valentin. But Valentin's not finished yet, he climbs up onJesse and straddles his chest with his legs blowing his load onJesse's face. Jesse reaches up and squeezes out the load, milkinghis foreskin until he gets to the very last drop. The chemistry neverfades even at the end they are smiling and kissing! That's a wrap...but already I'm reaching for the replay button!!

Starring: Aybars, Cavin Knight, Christopher Daniels, Dominik Rider, Jesse Santana, Krys Perez, Sean Stavos and Valentin Petrov
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