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SeanCody - SC0215 - Alexander & Chet

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Before saying goodbye to Alexander, I was anxious to see his huge cock fuck a hot, young hole.

Alexander had really enjoyed his experience with Riley. Alexander told me that he is mostly a bottom (the guys with the huge dicks are always bottoms it seems), but he also enjoys topping every once in a while.

Chet has become an interesting bottom. He always seems to vacillate between pain and extreme pleasure when he's getting fucked (but I guess that's a pretty thin line, isn't it?).

Chet hadn't met Alexander before. I told Chet that Alexander was hung, but I don't think he had any idea! When we were getting ready for the shoot, Chet saw the extra-large condoms sitting on the nightstand and at first he had a worried look on his face. However, the worry soon turned into curiosity and it wasn't long before Chet was fascinated with the size of Alexander's cock.

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