Str8 tough soldier - totally beaten, choked, bound, destroyed

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DescriptionStr8 tough and muscular soldier is totally destroyed in this clip. Can you imagine handsome, fit and manly marine, being punched and choked till the very end, despite his strength and good fighting skills? This commando, the main actor in the movie, is being subjected to the most intense beating and torturing he could ever imagined... Being captured and taken to an enemy camp, he is forced to fight and wrestle with the mightier opponent, and therefore bound to lose. He is first thrown to the ground and choked by his opponent, in the center of the field, while the rest od enemy troops watch, then he is taken to the basement, stripped to his waist (revealing his manly muscled pecs and great tight abs), his hands are tied high above his head, and then he is gutpunched intensly, with the chain-wrapped fist! He can barely breath while the captor savagely sink those chained fists deep in the soldier's gut, breaking and destroying those vulnerable and exposed abs... The agony on soldier's manly face says all. When the final blow is delivered, knocking the last breath of air out od the poor soldier's gut, he is choked with the same chain he was beaten with, and totally destroyed and overpowered...
This excellent specimen of muscled marine can take no more. He had never been so beaten and tortured. While hanging half-conscious, he realizes that no help will come to him, nad that he is all alone and at the mercy of these blood-thirsty enemy troops... Helpless, defeated, exposed, he knows that he is finally destroyed. With the last thought before slipping to the darkness, he ask him self how will the finish him... Rape him through every hole in his muscular body? Punch his gut till he caughs out blood? Slash his abs and cut them open? Strangle him mercilessly?... Whatever it is, he is doomed............
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