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DescriptionSomeone shared the old jakbot archive a bit ago, and I thought it was pretty cool to see so many thank you's for it. Got me in the mood to make something new. The Locker Room character model I'd made the custom texture for in Poser is now lost thanks to me uninstalling Poser years back and forgetting to backup the character directory. I'm still hoping I left a copy on an HDD somewhere though. The frames in this game are all that's left of that character, they were meant for a second locker room game that never happened.

The game portion of this upload is a bit ridiculous, with some of my photoshops and goofy flashes I've created over the years. Forgive the cheesiness. Didn't feel like doing the dialogue trees, so I reused old stuff I'd done that I thought looked sexy or funny.

I know these games only ever catered to a small audience, as most seem turned off by the uncanny valley effect. Never bothered me, though if I could draw, I would have done that for the games instead, as I prefer humplex type bara art in games. Also, I'm an amateur at this, self taught, and tend to rush. So these games have never been anywhere near perfect, but heck I made them free... Enjoy, jakbot / aka adenn

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