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BSB - Brice Jones Pack II

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Description1. Brice Jones and Jaxon Ryder

Neither Brice Jones or Jaxon Ryder enjoy kissing much, so they’ve worked out other ways to get their cocks hard that don’t involve much lip locking. They strip down and stand up, each playing with themselves a little before the more experience Jaxon gets down on his knees and stuffs his mouth full of Brice’s giant cock. Jaxon takes his time with Brice, sucking that dick as it grows bigger and harder in his wet mouth until finally, when Brice can’t get any harder, Jaxon climbs on the bed and prepares himself for what’s next.

Brice straddles Jaxon’s ass, holding his fat cock at Jaxon’s entrance and then slowly pushing it in, spreading Jaxon’s ass to get it in deeper and then slowly starting to pump in and out. Brice’s huge, bareback cock can barely fit all the way inside of Jaxon, but he takes that dick like a pro, letting Brice fuck him a few different ways as he strokes his own dick nice and slow.

When Brice has Jaxon on his back with his legs spread and ass open wide for him, he pounds him raw and hard, grabbing Jaxon’s prick and stroking it before Jaxon takes over and releases his cum, then Brice has to pull out and bust a nut, unloading onto Jaxon’s balls and cock!

2. Brice Jones and Chandler Scott:

Brice Jones tries to warn Chandler Scott about his massive cock, but Chandler doesn’t take him too seriously until after some kissing and making out, that dick is unleashed and he tries to shove it all in his mouth! Brice’s long, fat shaft just won’t fit in Chandler’s mouth, so after the oral Brice opts for Chandler’s ass next and after he slowly enters him, he’s able to bury his whole length in Chandler’s tight hole!

Chandler takes Brice’s bareback prick pretty damn well considering the size of that meat, and he lets Brice fuck him deep and slow, his ass stretching open to fit that big cock. Brice holds Chandler’s legs apart and fucks him raw, grabbing Chandler’s dick and stroking it a little as he fills him full of his thick meat, taking him in different positions as Chandler’s ass gets more sore with each thrust!

Brice starts pounding Chandler harder and faster now, pulling his naked cock in and out while Chandler yanks on his own dick, watching his partner fuck him hard as he jerks himself until he busts a nut! Brice pulls out at the sight of Chandler’s cum and massages the cum out of his own cock, covering Chandler’s dick and balls with his jizz!

3. Brice Jones and Austin Andrews:

Austin Andrews and Brice Jones are both pretty new guys on BSB, so they’ll get to know each other pretty well as we’ve got them paired to fuck today! Austin gets the scene underway, moving in for some kisses as he undresses Brice and goes right for that big dick, using his mouth and hand to work Brice’s cock and make it hard in seconds! Brice reaches around for Austin’s ass as he gets his cock sucked, eager for that tight hole until finally Austin turns around on the bed and lets Brice at it, spreading his legs to Brice can get deep inside of him.

Brice buries his bareback prick in Austin, going hard as Austin moans with each thrust of Brice’s big dick as his balls slap against Austin’s ass! Austin arches his back and takes Brice’s raw meat from a different angle, letting Brice have his way as he gets his ass stretched and stroked by Brice’s fat cock!

As Brice pounds Austin harder and faster, Austin grabs his dick and starts to stroke it, jerking on his cock while Brice is still buried inside of him until Austin shoots out a thick load and Brice pulls out, draining his dick at the base of Austin’s cock and squeezing out every last drop of hot cum!

4. Brice Jones and Devon Felix:

It’s Brice Jones’ first time giving a blow job, and Devon Felix gives him a few quick pointers before they get right to it, locking lips as they make out and undress each other. Devon goes down on Brice first to show him how it’s done and teach by example, stripping off Brice’s boxers and kneeling between his legs as he takes Brice’s cock in his mouth and moves it in and out of his warm mouth.

Devon’s not down there too long before Brice works up the courage to try it for himself, and for a newbie he looks like he’s got a pretty good hang of it already! He works Devon’s dick with his hand and mouth together, focusing on the tip as he massages the rest of the shaft with his hand. Devon watches the newbie go to work and when they’re both ready, Devon bares his ass to Brice who slides his bareback cock right inside!

Devon buries his face in the pillow as Brice fucks him harder, pounding that hole raw with his long, thick cock. Devon massages his own dick as he gets fucked, biting his lip as he works through the pain of having his tight ass stretched around Brice’s cock, until Devon strokes out a hot load and Brice drops his cum all over Devon’s balls!
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