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At the onset, "Pig Trough" seems a simple enough flick about a guy who likes to go to a sex club where piggish sex is the thrust. But it's not that simple. The opening scenes only hint at what is to come, leaving a double-length finale to hammer in the title. An astounding cast of true oinkers make that scene, in my book, an instant classic, the capper to an extravaganza of phenomenal heat.

Brad Benton's "dream place" is the Pig Trough, a Friday night event that sustains his crappy work week. He's taking co-worker Tim Rusty with him this week. "I think he'll be the best little piggy in the litter," as Brad thinks of his guy winning the blue ribbon at the pig contest. However, Brad's thoughts are constantly interrupted by his office. There's his dictatorial nutritionist Cory Koons, question-filled Brock Webster, and plumber Rob Romoni. About the latter, he actually harbors fantasies. He wonders to himself, "I can't be a pig before 5:00. Can I?"

Well, he can dream about it. He finds Rob, wearing plumber overalls and nothing else, fixing a sink. It's half a second before they are all over each other, kissing and disrobing. Few do wanton foreplay better than Brad, and he's clearly in lust with beefy Rob. Both are impatient, but it's Rob who gets to blow first. He keeps the oomph high and provides a tickling fun blowjob. Brad goes down on Rob with a fierce deep-throat that is full of eager wet drool. After Brad sexily licks the hell out of Rob's fingers, he fucks the stud. Brad hits him with rabbity jabbing, keeping his dick firmly buried in Rob's hole. Rob has the good fortune to rim a squirming Brad before the latter sits on Rob's cock to ride very actively, his hard cock flapping all over the place. Brad splashes out a sizeable load with Rob still inside him and Rob finishes close to Brad's face.

Brad nods off again and in his cowboy costume, finds employees Brock Webster and Tim Green, who in real life were supposed to be attending to an incoming shipment with Randy Gunz. Goateed Brock tells Randy that he's abused redhead Tim's ass the night before, but that the bottom can go another round, starting on their big black dicks. Brock orders Tim on his knees to suck the two enormous dicks, which Tim does silently but with a huge amount of intense desire. Both cocks are truly gargantuan, but Tim is able to stretch his mouth wide for them, even deep-throating Brock's thickness. Randy's dick is bigger, which means Tim tries even harder to conquer it. The definition of stretch really comes when both guys force their cocks down Tim's throat at the same time. With Brock still benefiting from Tim's oral attentions, Randy goes to Tim's hairy ass to munch it into readiness. It's very true that Tim's ass has more to give, because he takes his first fuck from a slamming nasty Randy, who plows into him with the full length of his considerable cock. None of it stops Tim from so ably sucking Brock through the rungs of a ladder, either. Brock gets his turn with Tim's creamy ass when Tim does a spiffy ride on him, taking him all the way to the balls. Tim takes both of their loads on his arms.

Brad's fantasy takes a goofy turn when he thinks of Cory in a chef's outfit feeding diced veggies to three guys eating from a trough, wearing nothing but jocks. Yes, there are pig noises to be heard. Inspiration hits Brad to invite tattooed brunet Cory to the "event" with Tim. Off they go to the Pig Trough, where Brad yee-hahs and tosses the guys into the orgy already in progress. In one area, tighter-as-hell Kyle Lewis is deep-throating the bejeepers out of Nick Capra and Alex Leon, both packing hugely. He can even do both at once with incredible skill as Nick and Alex spit at each other. The ever-peppy Jay Ross is taking orders from blond tattooed Rod Barry to gag on his cock with oodles of drool. Rod's howling commands are a great benefit to the scene. Tim gets to blow spicy blond Drew Peters, who is doing the same to the wowing piece on Rick Gonzales. Alex replaces Kyle as the sucker for their trio and flies into an awesome wet blowjob of Kyle and Nick. Cory is face-fucked by inked Jacob Slader, who is slamming his cock so far into Cory's throat, not that Cory complains in the least. Cory is then the recipient of the nastiest possible rimming from Jacob (in this context, that's wildly superlative), one that almost sends Cory off their couch. Rick gets to eat Drew's ass as Tim continues his blowjob, and Kyle returns to double-sucking a very vocal Nick and Alex. Alex joins this trio, giving Drew a cock to suck. Rod hangs in a sling so that Alex can eat his ass with ferocious speed while next to them Kyle is getting the same exciting treatment from Nick. There has been no sign that anyone is letting up on the energy level. The shout at each other, and it spurs them on to even more volatile work. Rick stands on his hands, legs spread wide apart in a truly beautiful position, Tim eating his ass with almost obscene devotion. "Eat that dirty fuckin' ass," Drew keeps telling him, but with the speed at which Tim is licking it up, it's as clean as a whistle. Tim and Cory, the new pigs, are doused in cum by the rest of the participants.

The scene doesn't end there, though. Each of the players grab one more shining moment of piggitude. Kyle has Jay sit on his cock and then the squirming Rod comes up behind him and also sticks his cock in Jay. Rod is still yelling orders at Jay, who takes the double-fuck with both tops thrusting at him fully, like the wondrous pro he is. Rod is damn harsh with him, seeming not to care about the other dick in Jay. Cory, his face looking calm despite what his mouth is being made to do, inhales Nick and Jacob's cocks in time with their loud demands. "Two dicks, bitch!" Nick commands, and Cory complies with style. Rick now has Tim all to himself, lapping up Tim's ass in a smooth moment that is a nice bit of serenity in the gleeful angst around it. It doesn't last long, because when Rick fucks Tim, he does so with flashy sprinting power. Cory sits in the sling to get fucked rabidly by Nick, who jams the entire length of his cock into Cory with dizzying speed. He's followed by an equally nasty Alex and then Rod when Alex goes over to fuck Drew's sinfully hot ass. Alex then gets a blowjob from Drew so Kyle can fuck him, jiggling him very hard. Jacob takes on Tim with some obviously pent-up villainy, drilling into him like it's his last fuck ever. Rick fucks Jay in another of his unique positions, the muscles all over his body tightening to a knot as he drills so energetically. Nick and Rod are watching them while grabbing at each other's cocks and hitting the other.When it's time for everyone to cum again, Tim gets it all to himself, the lucky bastard.

So, who wins the blue ribbon at the pig contest? It's a big surprise and the way it's handled is one of the cleverest things I've seen in porn in a while. It's that final touch that really shows how absolutely focused director Doug Jeffries is on making this the nastiest possible pig picture. It starts off with two bursts of dreamy vanilla sex and then turns 180 to the most delicious in all-out violent orgy sex. The guys manage to maintain their force and energy through a lot of work, which keeps it from falling into merely group sex. The stunning finale remains true to the title every second and if I were awarding blue ribbons, I would have to give one to everyone involved.

DVD features: Chapters; behind-the-scenes (including a rare few shots of porn star eating; a dead-on Karl Lagerfeld imitation by Brad Benton; Rick Gonzales doing some amazing gymnastics -- among such general merriment it's hard to believe this shoot was any work at all); gallery; trailers ("Raw," "Passions of War: Chapter 2: The Journey" and "Tune Up"); and no regional coding (playable worldwide).

A DVD Review by Brent Blue ( xxxx://www.ManNet.com )

*** Highly Recommended ***

Starring Brad Benton, Rob Romoni, Tim Rusty, Randy Gunz, Alex Leon, Cory Koons, Kyle Lewis, Drew Peters, Jay Ross, Rod Berry, Nick Capra, Jacob Slader, Rick Gonzales and Brock Webster.

Directed by Doug Jeffries.

An All Worlds Video movie.

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