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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2014-11-07 |
Video : GARY RYMAN : 19 May 2013

Gary is back! Looking fit in football shorts and socks he starts off in the shower, lathering himself up and getting right into the crack! Then its on the bed in his jock for a bit of a play...I thought as a first step the tiny ladsnextdoor bullet would be safest, and being the trooper he is he manages to get that in with no problems at all! Off comes the jock and we can get a good look at his hairy man-hole when he’s up on all fours! Given he’s such a laid back lad, horizontal seems to be the very best position for him. He works his cut cock until its covered in a nice sticky load!

Video : GARY RYMAN : 31 Mar 2013

Gary is a fit fucker - beefy, straight, confident and with an arse that you’d want to bury your face in. I get him out of his t-shirt and he shows us a couple of choice tatts before moving on to his not too shabby pecs and biceps - then the combats come off, and after a little tease his cut cock is dangling out. I leave him to play for a little bit (seemingly more turned on by himself than the porn!) before cajoling him into a little bit of self arse massage...ending with a fairly substantial cum-dump

Video : DAVE SHAW : 29 Dec 2013

Dave our favourite lift engineer is back! and in this video he really gives his hole a workout starting off with the anal beads, moving onto the purple full sized dildo, before reversing himself onto the big fat black number suctioned to the door! I love the way he works his hole back and forth giving himself a good fucking, which results in a right cum dump on the floor...by the end he is sweating and out of breath! Me too!

Video : DAVE SHAW : 22 Sep 2013

Straight lift engineer David has got quite a lean and defined physique, with just some tufty hair on his chest. He’s very sexually open, and although straight, loves to experiment with arse play. He flops his uncut cock around in this video while he gives his man-hole a good working with the purple dildo, and a couple of fingers for good measure. Shifting his backside up on the sex wedge gives us a great view and his very long foreskin also gets a good tugging in this video!

Video : HARRY MORTON : 16 Jun 2013

If there’s an award for cheek, Harry wins it hands down! He’s one of the most mischievous lads on the site. All smooth and muscled, I got him into a tight white jock, which took a fair bit of persuasion. As did getting him to have a play with a tiny bullet dildo! Still this is probably one of the most amusing shoots, with lots of banter, while he plays with his uncut cock. He makes a valiant effort at pushing the bullet in, but really only enjoys himself once the dildo and jock is off and he can watch the porn!...evidenced by his cum dump!

Video : HARRY MORTON : 10 Apr 2013

Don’t think I’ve come across anyone as cheeky as Harry in quite a while, at only 21 he really is a bundle of confidence as well as muscle and testosterone some of the stories he told me about what he gets up to with his girlfriend aren’t even suitable for a porn site! So he teases us before taking his t-shirt off and revealing his stunning frame, followed by his trousers, exposing a big bulge! Out flops his juicy uncut cock and then he hops up and starts on the fleshlight. Being straight, he wasn’t overly happy about showing his hole, but managed to excite himself enough to dump a handful!

Video : JOSH STEVENS & JASON MALONE : 20 Jan 2013

I’ve got my two favourite straight labourers round, Josh & Jason. On yet another cheeky tea break I suggest they do something constructive like drop their pants! Then I get them to have a little fiddle and volunteer Jason to help Josh out, given Josh’s recent injury, involving a black eye and sore arm. Next thing we know Jason has got his lips around Josh’s massive cock! Given it's his first time, Jason does a pretty good blowjob. Minutes later, Josh dumps a massive load, followed by Jason! that’s a big slip hazard on the scaffold!

Video : JASON MALONE : 21 Oct 2012

Jason is a fit hunky labourer. He’s a real ladnextdoor-does a bit to trim his pubes but you’d hardly call him plucked! He’s got a collection of tattoos and a farmers tan from all that outdoor manual work. As soon as he’s out of his tracksuit his pulling and tugging at his long foreskin. He’s got a very unusual birthmark in an intimate place, as well as a long scar all the way down the centre of his chest, which is smooth and hairless. He’s a muscly guy, giving it some down the gym as well as on the building site, and don’t you just love it when a straight labourer says “I’m very open minded”

Video : JOHNNY KENT : 7 Oct 2012

Johnny, our married family man from London is back. I had mentioned to him that I though it would be a good idea to give the dildo collection a try. He tried to put up all manner of objections, but something told me he had considered this before. So in this video we work our way through the fruit bowl: raspberries, bananas and all with surprising ease. Look how his beautiful meaty arse gobbles up everything he puts in it! I love it when these straight boys give in and prove to themselves they like things up their backside! All finished off with the usual ‘dual-hole’ cum shot!

Video : JOHNNY KENT : 26 Aug 2012

Johnny is a labourer and came to the shoot straight from work, hence the grubby gear he was dressed in. I gave him a pair of underpants to wear, as normally he goes commando. He’s got a chunky physique and a really meaty arse of which we get a right eyeful! His uncut cock is a decent 7 inches, plus a bit extra for the PA! He gives it a good work out and then spins over onto all fours for a proper look at his hole, before getting back onto his back for a two holed cum-shot!

Video : TOM SPEARS : 14 Sep 2014

Cute lad Tom is back, and getting a bit of sun on the balcony. Wearing his Nike Airs and some sunglasses he starts stripping off outside, down to his pants, but leaving his trainers on! Then he’s lovely uncut and hairy cock are out and he starts having a tug - after a lovely view of his cute boy butt, he’s back to having a wank, ending with a nice cum-load all over himself

Video : TOM SPEARS : 2 Jul 2014

Cheeky labourer Tom turns up straight from work in his work gear - and to my mind you can’t beat a chavy young lad in trackies and a bit of hi viz! Unless of course he’s got his hard hat too! So down to business and Tom gets his dark meaty uncut cock out. He gets hard very easily and works his foreskin back and forth. Then its legs up and we see his cute little labourer’s man-hole...before he dumps his load on his hard hat where else!

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