[Icaro] - Married Men

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Getting married isn't so bad, as long as you can still hang out with your boys, right? When their wives are away, these boys will play!

What will these horny men do when their wives aren't around? The question should be what wouldn't these horny men do when the naggin' bitch of a wife isn't around. The wives think that these boys are just here to please them, but you know better than that - these guys are here to please each other, and that's the "bottom" line. Now if they could only get their wives out of the house for good...

Married Men are everything but faithful and they promise never to tell. These vows have been broken, and these are the secrets that they keep. These incredibly hot looking young studs will definitely get you off. Cum check it out, but hurry - the wife isn't home yet.

2005, 90 min

Country:  Brazil

Cast:  Allan Marcelo, Renan Fabregat, Alexandre Almeida, Apollo Max, Pedro, Eduardo Meirelles, Dame, Marcello Caitano, Bruna Spynelli, Einy Sutany, Rebeca Parva, Adriana Vogel

Director:  Cristian Ferrero
2010-03-08 17:25:24
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