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Description10 videos of the incredibly sexy 19yo Filip Cerny

1 WH - Filip Cerny - Session Stills
Filip Cerny is aged 19. He lives in Prague and is a student who enjoys sports, fitness and soccer. Filip is the most handsome guy, with a lovely smile. He looks so good as he poses for the camera. With his tee shirt pulled up behind his head he shows off a very good chest, as he stands with hands on hips Removing the tee shirt he poses more, allowing us to fully appreciate that hot body. Then it is off with the jeans and Filip turns, back to camera, to lower his underwear. That hot ass comes into view and he bends more, reaching back to spread those ass cheeks. The hairy crack wides to expose his tight pucker hole, as Filip looks between his legs and back at the camera. He then relax on the sofa, with his cock soft and the hot body on show. His cock looks good, in its' soft state, as he stands to pose again. Then it is hard cock time and Filip makes some good wood. He lays on the floor, with his legs in the air, so that he can show that hard cock and his ass hole at the same time. With the cock staying good and hard Filip stands once more before dropping to his knees for more great shots. That ass becomes the focus again as he turns to show it off. Then he finishes off with some more great shots of his body and that beautiful cock. He is a stunner and will be sure to give us a great video next week.
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2 WH - Filip Cerny - Erotic Solo
Filip Cerny is aged 19. He lives in Prague and is a student who enjoys sports, fitness and soccer. He is such a handsome guy and he speaks good English in his interview. Then Filip begins his show by removing his tee-shirt and showing off a very good chest. He stands and flexs his muscles to show himself off. Flexing over Filip removes his jeans and socks and sits back down, rubbing his hand over his colourful underwear. A hand dips inside and gropes his cock and balls, as he laughs at something the off-camera voice says to him. He wanks himself in the underwear and then pulls a rather hard cock out through the leg. Taking the underwear off Filip lays back on the sofa and wanks himself. A helping hand arrives, with some oil and begins to massage the oil into Filips chest. He looks so good as the hands work over his hot body. Lifting his legs Filip shows off his ass and the hands get working with more oil, coating the cheeks. The cheeks are then spread to show off Filip's hot pucker hole, as a hand rubs the balls and takes hold of his cock. Filip turns over, onto his knees, so that sexy ass it still on display. The hands continue to wank him and feel all over the ass. Then Filip is turned over again and his cock is wanked by the hands, speeding up until he dumps a nice cumshot, over his right leg. The cock is milked completely dry and then Filip goes off to the shower to clean up after a lovely shoot.
Size 405MB  Time 29.40

3 WH - Filip Cerny and Honza Onus
Filip Cerny came in for a screentest, with Honza Onus. Honza interviews Filip about the scene, as they sit on the sofa. Then they take off their tee shirts. Honza stands and pushes his jeans down, with Filip following suit. They sit again and start wanking on their cocks, as they continue chatting. It doesn't take long before they each have hard cocks, and start wanking each other. Honza leans over and kisses Filip, who responds very well. Then Honza starts to suck on Filip's stiff cock. He works his mouth over the cock, licking the head and taking it deep in his mouth. He sits up again and Filip shows that he can suck real good too. Honza's hand is on the back of Filip's head, pushing it down on his throbbing cock. Honza then sucks Filip some more, before they remove the jeans completely, with Filip standing as Honza continues to suck him. Filip grabs his head and fucks his hot mouth. Honza sits and lays back so that Filip can suck him some more. Then it is time to fuck and Honza kneels on the sofa, with Filip taking him from behind. Honza moans as Filip fucks that ass nice and deep. He fucks hard and fast and the Honza turns over so that Filip can fuck him some more. His cock slams in and out of Honza's eager hole. Then Filip sits on the sofa so that Honza can take a ride on that cock. His hot ass bounces up and down on Filip's rock hard cock. He turns around and slide down over that cock again, riding it well as Filip reaches round to wank him. Honza really works his ass all over that cock, his own dick flopping around as he takes Filip's nice and deep. Then Honza kneels, with his face next to Filips cock as it shoots the cream. He licks on the cock before standing in front of Filip and shooting his own load over that hot chest. They stand and kiss each other again before going to the shower to clean up after a lovely screentest.
Size 323MB  Time 24.03

4 WH - Filip Cerny and Peter Filo
We brought our sexy soldier in for a hot wrestling scene with Filip Cerny. The two of them look so good together as they wrestle, writhing around on the mats, bodies entwined. Peter, with some adept cock grabbing comes out as the victor in the match and Filip grabs his wrist to hold his hand aloft, acknowledging the victory. Then the two of them kiss and Peter takes hold of Filip's dick and wanks it at the same time. He drops to his knees and sucks on Filip's hard cock. He sucks on it and kisses and licks the balls, as his own cock gets very hard. Then, standing, Peter kisses Filip again. Filip drops and sucks on Peter's cock, returning the sexy favour. He does a great job on the sucking and they soon move to a 69. Then Filip lifts Peter's legs, so that he can rim his hot hole. As he rims it Filip also slides a finger inside. With that hole opened up Filip is soon slipping his throbbing cock inside. He fucks Peter nice and depp, eliciting some hot moaning from him. Peter is loving it and turns over, lifting his ass up and Filip rams his cock in again. He fucks that ass real good, pounding away at it. Then Filip sits and Peter slides his ass over that rock hard dick and takes a ride on it. His own cock is throbbing as he rides and Filip grabs it to wank it. He really works that big cock well, his ass lips sliding up and down as his own dick bobs around. Then the guys sit next to each other and wank until they shoot a couple of nice loads.
Size 413MB  Time 30.26

5 WH - Filip Cerny and Mate More
Mate More is a very sexy guy. We brought him in for a screentest, and paired him up with Filip Cerny. After an brief interview Filip leans over and starts to kiss his new buddy. He gropes Mate as they kiss, and then he helps him off with his pants. Filip takes hold of Mate's cock and wanks on it and he kisses all down his body. Then he takes the swelling cock in his mouth and soon has it rock hard. Mate loves the feeling of mouth on his cock and places his band on Filip's head, pushing him down on it. After more kissing Filip removes his pants too, and reveals his own hard cock, which Mate quickly grabs and starts to wank. Mate then climbs onto his knees and Filip sucks him some more, with Mate fucking his dick in and out of that eager mouth. Filip then has Mate lay down and lift his legs in the air, with his ass exposed. Filip dives in and rims that hot hole. With Mate's dick still rock hard Filip soon gives up his ass, for some hard fucking. Mate slams his dick in that sexy ass, as Filip, on his knees, moans with each thrust. Mate really fucks well and moves Filip to a missionary position and pounds his hole some more. Then they spoon, with Filip wanking himself and Mate fucks him deep. Mate keeps up that hard fucking as Filip wanks himself to a creamy cumshot. Then Mate pulls out and shoots his own cum over Filip's face. Filip takes the sticky cock into his mouth to clean it off. What a great screentest, with both guys doing well and Mate proving that he is really up for it.
Size 307MB  Time 25.14

6 WH - Filip Cerny and Arny Donan
In our latest screentest we have the very studly Arny Donan and have paired him up with the sexy Filip Cerny. Filip interviews Arny to find out a bit about him, encouraging him to show off his awesome chest. Then they both remove their shorts and start wanking. Arny moves closer to Filip, and as his cock hardens he feels his new friends hand on it. Arny reciprocates, so they wank each other and then kiss. Soon Filip has lost his shirt too and has Arny's cock in his mouth, feeling it fuck in and out as he sucks. Arny loves the feeling a hold's Filip's head in place as he fucks his mouth. Moving to 69 with Filip underneath, lets Arny get a taste of cock too. His mouth works over Filips stiff cock as his own is sucked too. Then Arny moves onto his knees for Filip to suck some more. Filip needs it in his ass and is soon on his back, legs up, feeling Arny's throbbing cock fucking him nice and deep. Filip moans as he takes Arny's thick dick. He moves, onto his knees, with Arny behind him, still fucking him nice and hard. Arny is so hot and horny that, as Filip lays on his side , he fucks him hard, leaning over to kiss him as well. All this cock in ass action has Arny ready to blow and he pulls out to dump his creamy cum all over Filip's left leg. Then they sit down, with Filip wanking himself as Arny kisses him, until he too shoots his hot cum. After a great scene the guys go off to the shower and help each other to clean up.
Size 360MB  Time 27.58

7 WH - Filip Cerny and Jirka Mladice
We brought sexy Filip Cerny in to work with Jirka Mladice who had agreed to a screentest. Filip starts off by interviewing Jirka, and then suggests a massage. Jirka lays on the sofa with Flip kneeling to one side, massaging his new friend's chest. Before going very far with the massage Filip blindfolds Jirka and resumes the massage, quickly opening his shorts to show off a hard cock. Filip leans over and licks the head of the cock, and then he removes the shorts and starts sucking. That cock is so hard and Filip's head bobs up and down on it. Then he removes his own shorts and sits astride Jirka, wanking both cocks together. He scoots round and kneels over Jirka's head, sucking on his cock. Jirka licks at Filip's cock and balls, then as Filip turn, he takes the cock in his mouth. Filip really get things moving on, by offering up his hot ass and Jirka eagerly slides his throbbing cock deep inside. He fucks that ass hard as Filip moans with each thrust. Filip takes it real well as Jirka fucks faster and then they move to missionary position with Jirka still pounding away at Filips hot ass. They move again and Jirka really goes at that hole, his cock so deep and ramming in and out. Then Jirka sits and wanks himself as Filip kneels over him, shooting his cum all over that hot body. Jirka then shoots a nice big load too, ending the scene with a hot kiss.
Size 272MB  Time 21.25

8 WH - Borek Sokol, Filip Cerny and Jarmil Sladky
What a great trio of guys we have in Borek Sokol, Jarmil Sladky and Filip Cerny. We find them in the garden, with Borek doing a photo shoot, using the others as his models. As he takes the photos Borek tells them to kiss. Then Filip and Jarmil remove their undies and start to wank each other's cocks. Borek goes in close with the video camera as Jarmil drops to his knees and sucks on Filip's big cock. Filip then drops down so that he can suck on Jarmil's hard cock. Borek reaches out for that cock and waves it in Filip's face. Filip wanks himself as he sucks on Jarmil, with Borek filming all the while. Borek gets so horny watching them that he is soon naked and hard too. Filip wanks Jarmil, whose mouth is full of Borek's cock. Then Filip leans over and starts to suck too. Borek is standing and filming as his cockis worked on by Filip. Then Jarmil starts sucking it again and Filip slides down to suck him too. As Filip goes back to suck on Borek Jarmil starts to play with his hot ass. He soon has his cock deep inside Filip's ass, fucking him good and hard. Borek moves, so that Filip can suck him, while taking Jarmil's dick. That cock stretches Filip's hole real good as Borek films from underneath. Then Borek wants some ass too and changes place with Jarmil. He keeps filming as he fucks Filip's eager hole. Another change around has Filip on his side, being dicked nice and deep by Jarmil, and sucking Borek some more. Jarmil wants some cock in his ass, so he takes a ride on Borek's throbbing dick as Filip sucks him. Jarmil then kneels over Fili[ and shoots his sticky cum. He sucks on Borek's cock as Filip wanks himself until his cum squirts up his body. Last to cum is Borek, still filming, as he shoots his load all over Jarmil's chest. Three hot guys having a great time together.
Size 341MB  Time 26.16

9 WH - Filip Cerny and Oondra Radni
We recently did a great scene, in the country, with Ondra Radni and Flip Cerny. In the scene we got to see both of these studs in some hot, steamy sex, with Ondra really throwing a great fuck to Filip. Now we also have this lovely backstage look at the scene being created, with heaps of hot sex as well and the guys interacting with the crew to make the scene.
Size 356MB  Time 28.10

10 WH - Filip Cerny and Luky Svit
Filip Cerny is in the park, with Luky Svit. He is trying to sketch Luky, but claims that the light is not right. So they go inside and start to set up again. In posing Luky Filip oils his sexy chest, and all thoughts of sketching go out of the window. Instead they start to kiss as Filip continues running his hands over Luky's sexy chest. Then Filip goes down on his knees, rubbing and licking at Luky's nipples. Filip then pulls Luky's pants down and starts sucking on his rock hard cock. Luky's balls are tight against the shaft as the hot mouth works on his cock. Filip stands and allows Luky to open his jeans, freeing another throbbing cock. The two dicks are wanked together before Filip sits, so that Luky can suck his cock. That beautiful, thick and very hard, cock gets some good work from Luky's hot mouth. After sucking a while Luky turns around and shows his ass to Filip who quickly starts rimming the tight hole. Then Filip slides his cock deep into that hot ass, and fucks it nice and deep. Luky loves the feeling of throbbing cock deep in his hole and takes it so well. He emits soft, light, moans as Filip thrusts his cock in and out, stretching the hole well. Filip they lays on the steps and Luky sits his eager hole down on that cock for more fucking. He rides up and down on the thick shaft as Filip reaches round to wank him. Filip loves to feel a big cock in his ass too, so they flip, with Luky ramming his cock in and out of that sexy ass. Filip moans loudly as his hole gets a good pounding from Luky's rock hard meat. Filip is read to cum and stands over Luky to shoot his hot cream over his chest and face. Then he sucks on Luky's cock again, until he gets a nice load in his mouth. What a lovely scene, from two very hot guys.
Size 401MB  Time 30.13
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