Lukas' Stories

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DescriptionOh Lukas, you little rascal! There you are, just minding your own business, when your own brother has the audacity to start tugging at his fatty in the next room! Well, whatfs a boy to do but take a little looky-look, eh? And how about that time you were coming down the stairs at school and you happened upon two of your classmates (with a big schlong) doing what boys arenft supposed to do with each other - at least not at school. Seems like you canft walk down the street without some bloated Eurocock jumping out at you.

How about that time you were going home on the train and that old guy (he had to have been at least 25!) was fondling himself. Then he pulled out one of the biggest slabs of meat youfd ever seen. That was crazy! It was even crazier when you went over and slid that jawbreaker between your perfectly straight, white teeth and began sucking on it like it was a big old lolly etill it erupted with gelatinous guy-goo.

Oh, and how about that time you wandered out to the boathouse and caught your two buddies sucking and fucking each other like animals! Well, all you could do was grab your own sizable piece and start yankinf away. Next thing you know, you're being lured into a loft for some more gayboy frolic. Youfd think you would've had your fill by then, but no - you ended up in a tunnel doing the nasty with yet another of your smooth young fuckbuddies.
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