Mustang - Aim To Please (2001)

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Billy Brandt , Billy Kincaid , Cameron Fox , Eric Leneau , Jackson Price , Jason Branch , Jeremy Jordan , Jon Galt , Nick Young , Vince Ditonno

This Mustang flick contains all of the usual favourite Falcon/Mustang boys in some hot suck and fuck action. Mustang flicks are notable because of their just the sex please / no frills focus that uses hot models, simple set-ups and relentless devotion to the sexual action.

In Aim to Please, Cute twink Jeremy Jordan (No Way Out) provides the narration of the film, telling us about all the hot sex that goes on at the Palm Springs hotel where he works. For three scenes, his narration provides the lead in to showing the sexual antics of the horny guests. Finally, the last shows him successfully seducing the movie's main prize - Billy Brandt (Absolute: Arid).

Jordan motions to a guestroom where Cameron Fox and Jackson Price are already going at it. Blonde Price pulls out Fox's prizewinning tubesteak and takes care of it in short order. Price is a well knows bottom from his Falcon work, where he often is wading into the dildos and the fists by film's end. Mustang flicks are pure vanilla sex, but the butt action is nevertheless eye opening.

Price and Fox's sexual encounter is a total turn-on. Predictably, the bottom handles Fox's cudgel no muss no fuss.

Next is a Mustang model twink-fest featuring the smooth Billy Kincaid, the uncut Nick Young and the lickable Vince Ditonno enjoying themselves in a generous three-way.

The next scene is a rather flat scene with Jason Branch, Eric Leneau and Jon Galt. These guys work great in Titan material, where they perform along the aggressive, older men style. The radio frequency of a Mustang film is tuned more towards younger guys, making the whole scene awkward.

Rise and Shine
Let's wake up Billy Brandt
In the final scene is clearly the DVD's main feature. Jordan takes the viewers into his room where he can seduce the sound asleep Billy Brandt. Jordan moves to awaken the blonde from within, coaxing out a full erection. The top awakens and is really to drive his hard cock into Jordan's body.

Brandt looks great, although he always performs a bit tradey. ( that means like a straight guy getting paid ) The scene certainly is worth the wait, and clearly one of Brandt's must sees from his career. Why can't any cute horned-up bottom, like Jeremy Jordan, make some moves that seduces the straight Billy Brandt?

Jordan deep-throats Brandt, spreading open his beautifully shaped ass cheeks. Brandt soon has his cock pumping in and out of Jordan's ass. Brandt plays an agressive top, who never stops making his trademarked highly erotic moans loudly. The two go at it like rutting puppies.

Aim To Please is another nicely-done entry from Mustang. Sometimes the best movies about sex should be just like sex: quick n' easy.
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