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Corbin Fisher - Tagging Josh

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Description    I think one of the things that sets a CF Education apart is the fact that while we do have a strict curriculum of study, we take time to play. Or is it that we have a strict curriculum of play and take time to study? Either way, Josh, Connor and Cain are having a blast during their photo shoot at the pool.

    Cain and Connor throw Josh into the pool, put him in a bicep sandwich and pose in some hot action shots that get everyone in the mood.

    Josh has been enjoying some vacation time, as well as traveling and photography since we last saw him. He also grew what Connor says is “probably the clearest beard IÂ’ve ever seen in my life!”

    Josh jokes that while he canÂ’t grow very much stubble, he keeps this because now it “looks like IÂ’m old enough possibly to do porn.” He kids around with Cain, saying heÂ’s trying to “copy this kid over here.”

    Our newly christened “Shaggy,” tells us heÂ’d never done a tagging video before, and we canÂ’t believe it! How did we overlook that with this hot kid, whoÂ’s been so popular on our site? He says he never did, unless he was asleep in Costa Rica. I have to go inspect that footage again Â…

    Josh is excited though, because for his very fist tag, heÂ’s “going big.” And with Connor and Cain in the house, thatÂ’s saying something. I tell them to get to it and they do. Pushing Josh down while kissing him, the shirts quickly fly off and its three muscular guys rubbing and kissing each other.

    Josh kisses and lightly bites ConnorÂ’s nipple – and from the moan, itÂ’s clearly a hot spot for the bigger guy! Cain sucks JoshÂ’s dick and Josh sucks ConnorÂ’s big cock. Cain and Connor kneel over JoshÂ’s face and feed him dick after dick.

    Cain, always the aggressive one, goes after ConnorÂ’s nipple as well. Connor sucks Cain while Cain feeds Josh his dick, and then the two top guys switch off, Josh sucking ConnorÂ’s balls. Josh slides down to ConnorÂ’s ass, rimming him deeply with that tongue.

    Then Josh goes after CainÂ’s ass with that tongue and Connor sucks JoshÂ’s dick. Connor moves in and teases JoshÂ’s ass with his big dick. He sticks it in while Josh keeps tonguing CainÂ’s ass. Cain flips over and pushes JoshÂ’s head down on his cock.

    Connor and Cain switch places and itÂ’s time for CainÂ’s uncut dick to go into JoshÂ’s tight ass. Cain jackhammers JoshÂ’s ass, and Josh sucks ConnorÂ’s cock.

    Josh climbs up on ConnorÂ’s dick for a reverse cowgirl fuck, with CainÂ’s dick in his mouth. As Connor thrusts up into Josh, Cain sucks JoshÂ’s cock.

    ItÂ’s a hot moment and it gets Connor so stoked heÂ’s ready to shoot. He pulls out and Cain tries to eat every drop of ConnorÂ’s cum, even licking it off ConnorÂ’s groin.

    Cain pounds Josh until he splashes a huge load on his stomach and up to his chest, which Connor licks up. Cain pounds away until heÂ’s ready to feed Josh his big load, which he creams across JoshÂ’s face.

    The guys kiss and high five. I think Josh is an excellent student and deserves an A for his first tag!
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