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Hairy Boys 19 (Raging Stallion Studios)

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Description"Scenes handpicked by Chris Ward from the following Raging Stallion Studios hit movies: Hotter than Hell Part 1, Plexus, Mirage, Grunts: The New Recruits, and Home Bodies.

Hotter than Hell Part 1 - Steve Cruz Solo

Steve Cruz is burning up with desire. Among the dirt and mess of his apartment Steve is jerking off to the image of a man he has been stalking. As he eagerly masturbates, Steve's TV screen is filled by the beauty of his crush, Damien Crosse. With Damien consuming his brain and the TV screen Steve works up a load and covers his furry abs.

Grunts: The New Recruits - R.J. Danvers and Ricky Sinz

Out of the darkness comes R.J. Danvers who also wants to go for a ride. Sinz grabs R.J., rips his shorts off and fucks him hard. R.J.'s hairy butt is eager to get some dick and R.J. takes it with ease. Sinz pounds away, mouthing off the whole time until R.J. spills his load. Sinz returns the favor and spews white hot cum all over R.J.'s hairy chest.

Plexus - Andreas Stern, Alex Steele, and Tony Serrano

Tony Serrano - is the hunky, dark, Latino stud who dominated Nexus as the all-powerful, hugely endowed, fuck machine. He makes a return appearance in Plexus and the fucking is just as powerful. His beautiful curved cock seems to perfectly fit every cock it encounters. The faces of the bottoms tell you exactly how wonderful a fuck Serrano throws!

Andreas Stern, from Russia with love, is the hairy muscle bear of the movie. This man has the largest cock this side of Michael Brandon, and he knows how to use it. Stern takes charge in each of his several scenes, working his bottom boys with an attitude that says "take it and like it." His body is god-like in form, and recalls to mind the great calendar models of yesteryear. He is 100 percent lean beef and he tastes as good as a fine rib-eye steak!

Rounding out the cast is Alex Steele. Alex is from London, via Madrid, and he exudes superstar sex performer from every pour. The man sweats dick-stiffening pheromones that drive men wild! His costars were practically salivating to get a piece of his 100% bottom ass. His performance is one not to be missed!

Home Bodies - Roman Ragazzi and Damien Crosse

Superstars Damien Crosse and Roman Ragazzi do the impossible: de-flowering Damien for the first time on screen. The dining room table serves as the platform after much mutual oral action, Damien obviously delighting in Roman's monster cock. Both men are dark and hairy, Roman much larger than neat Damien, and it is Roman that takes control as the action develops, spreading Damien's ass to reveal his inner pinkness while rimming him and prepping him for the onslaught about to come. Bending Damien over the table he then proceeds to open him up. Roman's cock is huge and he commands Damien to take it, calling him a good boy. As the onslaught continues in multiple positions, Damien gives up the ultimate, begging his daddy to fuck him over and over between his uncontrollable groans and spreading his legs as far as possible to accommodate the monster cock. After a thorough pounding that stretches Damien's hole to new dimensions Damien shoots his load, followed by stud-man Roman.

Mirage - Huessein and Steve Cruz

Hairy hunk Huessein and hairy super stud Steve Cruz are on to each other! A body worship sequence of sheer manpower opens the pairing as each man eagerly licks and sucks the other, their black hair glistening with beads of sweat. An amazing blowjob sequence starts the action (FYI, Steve Cruz is a real cock sucker!). If you remember the scene between Huessein and Sarib in Arabesque, well, this one is even better. For lovers of hairy men with perfect bodies and rock hard cocks, this is the pairing of a lifetime! The fucking is what you expect from Raging Stallion - in short, the best in the business and the cum shots are white hot! Huessein and Steve alone are worth the purchase price of Hairy Boyz 19!"
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