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1-Today the young bodybuilder Chris fights to first sometimes in the team Fightplace. Whenever a new comes, everything wants to show of course that they are the stronger. This time Samy, Chesko and Basti want to prove. Quick becomes clear that Chris is a really strong Fighter. Between Samy and Chris stretching and persevering fights develop. Who will be the winner? There are exciting fights also between Basti and Chesko as well as between Samy and Basti. For the end it goes once again high - everybody against everybody

2-Very quickly it had got about in Team Fightplace that the new fighter Chris seems to be a really good and extremely hard. It became clear that now the bigger fighters of the team also wanted to test the new guy so invited Chris Gustl, Benni and Wladi to another small tournament. After initial Warm-Up and some strength testing with arm wrestling it went to the fight on the mats. Gustl and Benni from their "Hotelfight" still had a “grudge”, so they started this tournament. Then probably is the hardest and hottest fight of the afternoon: Chris against Wladi. Both fighters give everything to defeat their opponent. 100% submission, 100% reality!! Some of our friends have waited for this fight and you will not be disappointed. More than 30 minutes of fighting shows both young men and what they have and they give their opponent no mercy! Whether there is a new "King" in the Fightplace team is we do not betray at this point. Gustl as well as Benni also line up against Chris and have to admit that they could not hold a candle to Chris even though he is just 15. Enjoy more than 80 minutes of exciting action with Benni, Chris, Gustl and Wladi!

3-Joe met up with his friend Marvin in our Fightplace flat. They started with catching and wrestling in a funny way, but it became more and more serious. Joe wanted to check, if his friend is a good opponent on the matts. Joe became way more self confident and stronger then before. You can't compare it to his beginning at Fightplace. But then it got serious. Joe just wanted to show his skills but Marvin was always able to counter his moves and to control him. Now Joe used some nasty tricks. Marvin had to endure some hard scissors, schoolboypins and wedgies. But our new fighter was able to learn fast. Marvin, just 16 years of age, convinced with his ability to learn all this tricks so fast and dominated the little Joe. No one of them wanted to give up, especially our youngster Joe, who got more and more dedicated in this fight because of his good opponent. After both of this scored one point the fight became harder. But now we don't want to tell you the end of the fight. Is the new fighter Marvin able to overcome the experienced Joe?

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