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DescriptionYear-end Bonus: Logan
Logan came over for this shoot a couple years ago. At the time, he was 19 y/o and a student at one of the local universities. And, to be honest, I'm not sure why this video took so long to get on the site. Partly because I thought editing it was going to be a challenge, but it's actually a hot little scene.

Logan said he'd thought about being in porn for a while, but it took him a while to work up the nerve. He described himself as a very sexual person and just an overall horny guy.

"I mean, I call myself straight," he explained, "but the sight of a cock definitely gets me turned on."

And he was definitely turned on being in front of the camera. From the minute he pulled his dick out for the photos, he was getting hard and pre-cumming. Even during the video shoot we had to stop a bunch of times because he was getting too close to cumming. (The reason why I thought editing it was gonna be difficult.)

For a young guy, Logan is pretty hairy. Something he heard a lot from people. And for a relatively little guy (5' 9" and 150lbs), he had a pretty big, uncut dick. Something he'd heard a few times, but never got around to measuring it.

That, of course, was my cue to pull out the ol' measuring tape, and the point when things got interesting fast. Very fast. Have your lube ready, 'cos I barely wrapped the measuring tape around his cock (7" by 6" btw) when Logan took a quick, deep breath telling me to "be careful with it," and blew his load right in my hand in about 5 seconds flat.

Year-end Bonus: Peter
Peter answered an ad while he was back in San Diego, finishing up some stuff with his former military job. He'd been considering doing porn for a while and figured when he was back in town that he might as well make some pocket money to help pay for the trip.

He didn't tell anyone about what he was doing except for his one buddy who came along for the ride and was waiting out in the car. Peter said that the other guy might be up for doing something, too, but at the time it seemed like a bit of a "maybe" since they were both on a mission to chase some tail while on vacation. Spoiler alert! You'll be meeting his buddy later this week.

Military guys always fascinate me. They'll get naked at the drop of a hat and will jerk off just about any time, anywhere. Including with their high school best friend if things don't go well after a night on the town. (But, shhhh... we're not supposed to know about that. Foreshadowing. You'll see.)

Peter took to the camera like he was born to it. He's got a big, thick cock and seemed to get off on making it hard and showing it off. And 'dat ass. If you know me at all, then you know I was going to point that out. Nice and meaty. And Peter was definitely not shy about bending over to give us a view of his hole.

After jerking off for what must have seemed like an eternity, Peter stared down at his cock and either he read my mind or was just ready to blow. "I want to cum so bad right now."

With a quick glance to get the thumbs-up, Peter let it rip, popping the built-up load onto his stomach.

Year-end Bonus: Joel
Joel was spotted online and given the "How'd ya like to do porn?" line by a friend who, well, likes to pick up on str8 military guys he sees online. Turned out that Joel had already been looking for ways to make some extra cash and almost immediately said yes.

"The thing is," he said when we first talked on the phone, "I might get so turned on that I'll cum too fast."

After given some reassurances about that, he showed up for his first porn shoot practically busting through his shorts with a boner. I love when things are just getting started and the guy unzips and is already hard. Not to mention, Joel was dripping pre-cum as well, he was so fired up about being in front of the camera.

Joel is a 21 y/o proud southern boy and, by his terminology, "mostly straight." He'd only hooked up with one guy, but discovered quickly that he liked his ass played with, fingered, etc. Something he was more than happy to do to himself on camera.

After getting through the "show" part of the shoot, I thought it was time to pull out the ol' measuring tape and just see what would happen. Joel watched with curiosity as I measured his cock and commented at how hard he was. Out came the lube and Joel was ready to hand over control for the finale.

Joel pulled his legs back and with not just one, but two fingers up his ass, his head rolled against the pillow and he blew his load right down the side of my hand.

Year-end Bonus: Devan
22 y/o Devan is a pocket-sized jock. And packing a size-able bat of his own beneath the denim. He played most of the big sports in school: football, wrestling, and baseball.

"Wrestling was my favorite," he said. Something about his 5'5" build told me that it might be-- low center of gravity or something.

Devan saw an ad online for doing porn and, needing some extra cash, thought, "Why not?"

Indeed. He hadn't told any of his friends about making the leap into porn, but he admitted that he was nervous and excited about his first shoot. He even saved up an extra big load for the occasion. And it paid off!

Devan normally jacks off on his knees, so I let him go at it in that position. The load he shot seemed unimpressive to him (while I watched from the sidelines in awe at the spray that covered the bed), so he kept jerking his cock trying to pump out a second load.

Year-end Bonus: Landis & Peter
During his solo, Peter mentioned that his buddy, Landis, might be interested in doing a shoot, too. He also, somewhat evasively, admitted that they'd masturbated together once before (even though Peter didn't want Landis to know that he'd told me about it). It seemed like a good situation to just get these two buddies to do a jerk off video together.

If anyone has ever wondered why the guys show up on the site in a solo first, this video might help explain why. There's usually at least some nervousness getting naked on camera for the first time. Having anyone else around (like, say, your best friend) just multiplies the nerves. And things can go a little haywire.

That explained, Landis was clearly nervous once the cameras started rolling. Once they both took off their clothes and started stroking, Peter (having done a solo once before) was rock hard and ready to go. Landis, stressed and struggling to get his dick hard, ended up over-doing it and cumming only 3 minutes after the cameras were recording!

With a little break Landis was able to get himself hard and try for round two. And, in the mean time, Peter was just building up a bigger nut after having edged and stopped a couple times.

The guys managed to get through some of the typical fun/funny parts of the buddy shoots once the cameras were fired up again-- showing off their asses and comparing dick sizes.

"He's got some vascularity going on," Landis joked about Peter's cock.

But after a few minutes, Landis ended up blowing a second load without any notice. Luckily, I was there to catch it.

Call me wicked, but as "punishment" for cumming too soon (twice), I made Landis watch while Peter finished up. And, wow, did he ever go out with gusto. Peter shot all the way over his shoulder and onto the couch behind him!

Year-end Bonus: Logan's masage
A few months went by before Logan got back in touch about doing another shoot. He was so turned on by being in front of the camera during his solo that I was surprised he didn't call the next day!

After he showed up and we got things going, it seemed that his timing for getting in touch for another shoot was (at least in part) because he was horny and ready for some more action. When I first started rubbing down his back I asked him if there were any muscles that were particularly sore.

"All over," he said. "I got one that I'm thinking of, though."

No doubt. When I reached between his legs and pulled his cock from under him, the precum was already leaking, leaving little wet spots on the towel.

When he rolled over onto his back and was rock hard, I knew from his last shoot that I was going to have to be a little careful not push him over the edge too fast. Rubbing the glistening precum around the head of his dick did exactly that, though. We stopped for a second, but it was too late and Logan shot his load.

But that was just round one, apparently. Without even taking a break (except re-positioning the cameras), Logan told me he was ready to go again.

He had gone soft after the first cumshot so I gave his cock a little jumpstart by sucking on it. That got a better reaction than I thought it would. Logan gasped and his body tightened up; his back arching against the table. I guess I'd found the sweet spot because (time it yourself) 4 minutes after his first nut, Logan blew a second one!

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