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MBZ - Elder Lindsay - Disciplinary Action

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Description - At Elder Lindsay’s Initiation, Brother Daniels pumps a hot load of cum out of the young man. Elder Lindsay writhes as his cock shoots the hot white gobs that splash on his smooth, hard stomach.

Brother Daniels squeezes the boy’s nuts and dick greedily as the boy orgasms. Then, while he’s still breathing hard, Daniels takes a handful of the semen and anoints the Elder Lindsay’s forehead with it, sealing his initiation.

Elder Lindsay feels great. His whole body is suffused with a post-orgasm happy calm, and he’s proud to have taken another step toward joining The Order.

And Lindsay wonders what’s next.

The smell of semen is heavy in the small room, and Brother Daniels guides the boy to the showers to wash off the drying cum.

As Brother Daniels washes the boy’s body, the young man can’t help but get a raging boner once again. But instead of getting him off, Brother Daniels instructs him to put his clothes back on.

Instead of being sent out of the temple, he is led past the pretty initiatory rooms, down a narrow flight of stairs, and into a huge dark basement with incredibly high ceilings.

One light illuminates the center of the room, where Patriarch Smith sits in a tall red velvet chair.

He looks stern.

As the boy nervously enters the room, Patriarch Smith addresses him:

“The council has met and decided you shall receive disciplinary action.”

And without further explanation, the Patriarch roughly strips off the boy’s shirt and pants.

Elder Lindsay doesn’t resist, but it wouldn’t matter if he did. The man could easily overpower him, a fact that is oddly arousing for the boy and his dick swells.

Standing there in his sheer Mormon underwear, there’s no way for the missionary to hide his giant boner.

The Patriarch gropes the boy through the fabric, then takes his cock out of the flap and starts to jerk him off.

Elder Lindsay goes weak in the knees, which is fine because the Patriarch wants him bent over his lap.

Ass in the air, face to the floor, the boy is at the Patriarch’s mercy. But he doesn’t show any.

He spanks Elder Lindsay’s firm and beautiful little boy butt until it’s bright red.

But the boy is too turned on to feel any other emotion. He moans and whimpers as the man swats his ass with his big hands.

With each slap, his dick swells.

So when the Patriarch strips him completely naked and stuffs his fat finger in the boy’s hole, his hole is practically begging for it.

*Patriarch Smith embodies the secret fantasies Elder Lindsay has had from the time he was ordained to the Aaronic Priesthood. Since the start of his mission when the two first met, Elder Lindsay hasn’t been able to control his perverted gay older younger male relationship fantasies involving the Patriarch. Though he imagined different circumstances, Lindsay has waited for this day for months.

For more detail see screenshot.

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