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Koldo Goran 10CLIPS

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1. DarkAlleyXT - Koldo Unleashed - Koldo Goran & Ricky Ibanez.mp4
Format : MPEG-4, Codec ID: isom, Duration: 26 min 10 s , Bit rate: 2 400 Kbps: 1 280 x 720P : 16:9

2. Fuckermate - Big Brushes - Koldo Goran & Logan Moore.mp4
Format :MPEG-4, Codec ID: M4V, Duration: 16mn 18s, Bit rate: 4 017 Kbps: 1 280P x 720P : 16:9

3. FuckerMate - Koldo Goran And Ronny.mp4
Format :MPEG-4, Codec ID: M4V, Duration: 20mn 26s, Bit rate: 4 926 Kbps: 1 280P x 720P : 16:9

4. FuckerMate - Koldo Goran And Sergyo.mp4
Format :MPEG-4, Codec ID: M4V, Duration: 21mn 11s, Bit rate: 5 039 Kbps: 1 280P x 720P : 16:9

5. FuckerMate - Lift on fire - Koldo Goran & Louis Ricaute.mp4
Format : MPEG-4, Codec ID: M4V, Duration: 19 min 51 s , Bit rate: 3 009 Kbps: 1 280 x 720P : 16:9

6. HardKinks - Watching Sports - Mario Domenech And Koldo Goran.mp4
Format :MPEG-4, Codec ID: mp42, Duration: 28mn 12s, Bit rate: 1 826 Kbps: 1 280P x 720P : 16:9

7. MachoFacktory - Breeding With Love - Koldo Goran & Pig Boy (Ruben Litzky).mp4
Format : MPEG-4, Codec ID: isom, Duration: 29 min 26 s , Bit rate: 2 000 Kbps: 1 280 x 720P : 16:9

8. MachoFactory - Raw Pipe Breeder - Koldo Goran & Extrem Cumhole.mp4
Format : MPEG-4, Codec ID: isom, Duration: 26 min 28 s , Bit rate: 2 800 Kbps: 1 280 x 720P : 16:9

9. TimTales - Koldo Goran & Faruk.mp4
Format : MPEG-4, Codec ID: mp42, Duration: 16 min 15 s , Bit rate: 4 995 Kbps: 1 920 x 1 080 : 16:9

10. TimTales - Koldo Goran & Sergi Rodriguez.mp4.mp4
Format : MPEG-4, Codec ID: mp42, Duration: 16 min 30 s , Bit rate: 2 516 Kbps: 1 280 x 720P : 16:9


1.Koldo Unleashed - Koldo Goran & Ricky Ibanez:
Guess what happens when Koldo Goran and his huge uncut cock get super-slutty
Ricky Ibanez's attention...you guessed it. Koldo stuffs every inch of his dick
inside of Ricky's ass in every position imaginable before drenching him in cum.

2.Big Brushes - Koldo Goran & Logan Moore:
Today our hung mate Koldo Goran has been recruited to paint a big apartment here in
Barcelona: he feels very tired after painting for many hours and takes a break to
watch some porno on his mobile; he got horny just when the landlord arrives and
reproches him for not working hard enough. It’s now that Koldo realizes
that the house’s boss is actually the sexy hot superstar Logan Moore! The
blonde mate soon decide that the best think is not to argue anymore and help
instead the painter with that big thick tool already hard. You know Koldo has
one of the hugest cock of all our mates and the cute Logan doesn’t wast any
second to get on his knees. Koldo uses his huge dick like a pro to work hard
on the bottom’s mouth and then on his big hungry ass, fucking the cum out of
him and finally shooting a juicy load all over his asshole.

3.Koldo Goran And Ronny:
It is our pleasure this week to bring you a very hot video with our little power bottom
Ronny and our young mate Koldo Goran. We must say that it has been the hottest video
we have yet had the pleasure of filming. Koldo nearly broke Ronny’s tight little ass.
This is sexual chemistry at its best. They are both totally into this hot fuck and you
can see it in each movement that they make. We didn’t know the acrobatic side of our
kinky bottom until now.

4.Koldo Goran And Sergyo:
If you are curious to know what happens when a power bottom like our sexy Sergyo
enters into the same room as a hung mate like Koldo Goran, then you won’t need to
look any further. Watch our latest video to see how just the sight of Koldo’s huge
cock sends Sergyo wild. Koldo dominates Sergyo filling every hole with his fat cock.
This monster cock action is hot, hard and raw. Obviously our dominant top mate did
not hold back and after fucking Sergyo’s mouth and throat hard and fast,
Koldo sticks his monster cock inside Sergyo’s willing ass raw. Guess what happens next?
Here’s hint: not a single centimeter of that delicious piece of meat will be left out!

5.Lift on fire - Koldo Goran & Louis Ricaute:
This week we bring you a hot interracial encounter with our hung topmate Koldo Goran
and Louis Ricaute, one of the hottest Latin mates that you have seen on Fuckermate
so far. The two guys meet in the hall, taking the elevator to go up to their flats.
When Koldo notices Louis’ big toned ass and winks him, hot action starts inside the
lift. The sexy hairy stud gives his best and Koldo enjoys the vision of his huge cock
disappearing inside that hungry mouth. But then he goes completely crazy when he fucks
Louis’ warm and welcoming ass, first in the lift and then in his bed, when the two guys
end this hot fucking session that we bet you don’t want to miss!

6.Watching Sports - Mario Domenech And Koldo Goran:
While their girlfriends are shopping two colleagues can’t miss the season’s football
game. Among so much testosterone they end making it dirty like true pigs. Feet,
XXL cocks and machos.

7.Breeding With Love - Koldo Goran & Pig Boy:
REMEMBER YOUR ASS IS MINE…. Leave these two sexy blokes for just o ne day in the
factory loft, and smell the testosterone building up in the atmosphere, a strange
attraction keeps bringing them closer like a couple in love for ever… is it for a
day or for two nights? Don’t get fooled by the fairy tale, these are two horny hunks ,
Koldo can not keep his 12 inches waiting any longer to dig in the willing hunky
pussy of pig boy.

8.Raw Pipe Breeder - Koldo Goran & Extrem Cumhole:
SPANIARD HARDY MAN Need a bathroom makeover, you can hire a traditional contractor to
deliver the perfect result, but nothing like our construction worker Koldo who really
prefers banging ass to banging walls, just to the pervert delight of ExtremCumhole a
veteran MACHO-CUMHOLE who is just too happy to get fucked big time on the bathroom
floor, Koldo leaves him with his ass wide fucked and covered in cum and spit with
still no working bathroom HE HAS BEEN RAW PIPE BREEDED

9.Koldo Goran & Faruk:
This week we're teaming the Spanish bareback fucker par excellence with one of the best
takers out there. Faruk can't get enough of Koldo's massive bare cock. These two were
coming from the beach, all tanned and both horny as hell. They were fucking way before
I had time to grab my camera. Watch Koldo release his deep wrath on that bottomless
hole. You understand now, why we moved to Spain? :)

10.Koldo Goran & Sergi Rodriguez:
In today’s Tuesday update we got Timtales Exclusive Koldo Goran raw fucking a sexy
Italian hunk. The beefy Sergi Rodriguez is worshipping Koldo Goran’s massive cock
while gracefully licking his perfect feet. Koldo rewards him with his infamous rough
fucking techniques.

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