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Elder Titov & Patriarch Smith - Evaluation Part 1

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DescriptionPatriarch Smith loves his calling. As a presiding priesthood authority, he has a steady stream of young men coming into his office day after day.

And it doesn’t matter how many boys he has seen before, each time a young man like Elder Titov walks through the door with a cute smile, a sexy ass, and a killer torso, his dick swells up.

He can’t wait to get his hands on their young tight bodies and prepare their soft pliable holes to lose their virginity when they are ordained with priesthood power.

Elder Titov was brought before a special counsel of the brethren last month. He and his companion had been abducted, and there was talk that he wanted to notify law enforcement and pursue a legal course of action.

The boy had been approached with an offer to join The Order. Unlike his companion, Elder Berry, he was not immediately interested.

During the special counsel, the brethren of The Order unanimously voted to do all they could to prevent this incident from gaining any publicity.

For his part, Elder Titov was no longer given the option to join voluntarily. He would submit to an evaluation, or he would be sent home dishonorably.

The message was clear: they were going to deal with this issue internally, and Elder Titov would have subvert his doubts about these men, clearly older gay daddy types, or lose his honor.

Elder Titov was dismissed and sent to see Patriarch Smith at the mission home. The brethren were aware that the young man had been flirting with the Patriarch rather openly during the Gospel Principles Sunday School class. The Patriarch was instructed to seduce Elder Titov until his doubts (and clothes) fell away.

Patriarch Smith didn’t lose any time getting the boy into an evaluation room. Titov was so excited to be alone in a room with Patriarch Smith, his dick was straining against the fabric of his pants. As the Patriarch planted one of his big paws on the boy’s firm ass, Titov can’t help but think he may be getting caught up in some sort of secret combination.

The Patriarch’s thick fingers wrapped around the boy’s butt, dipping into the cleft of his ass. The strong older man nearly lifted the boy off the ground as he guided him down the hallway and into the room.

He starts to undress the boy, but then stops and instructs the boy to strip. Elder Titov pulled back just enough to have room to start pulling everything off. He stood in just his Mormon underwear with a hardon sticking straight up, pinned to his abdomen and peeking over the band of his garment bottoms.

Patriarch Smith reached over, taking the missionary boy’s underwear by the sides. He slid them off Titov’s hips and exposed the missionary’s stiff erection. Titov instinctively reached to open the Patriach’s fly. He had to see the monster that was snaking down the Patriarch’s pant leg.

The boy unbuttoned the older man’s pants and pulled down his zipper. Smith’s huge cock bobbed freely, covered only by the thin and transparent mesh-like fabric of his garment boxers. Transfixed, he reached into the Patriarch’s garments and took hold of his stiff velvety monster.

Being there, with the patriarch, this was his ultimate daddy son fantasy come true.

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