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Clothed Male : Naked Male - Logan & Vincent
All 6 Episodes

1. Poor Mr Marchmont is fed up with being disrespected by these two insolent lads. Headmaster Swallow knows exactly how to handle brats like these. Taking full physical and sexual control of them he renders Logan Palmer dumbstruck as he is terrified of being cut off by his rich father. Slowly his uniform is peeled off to reveal his sensitive penis which grows very thick and heavy at the slightest provocation. Palmer is incredibly embarrassed about his uncontrollable erection right in front of the headmaster and his friend!

2. Headmaster Swallow takes full command of school boy Logan's body getting him to bend over his desk so he can examine his arsehole with the head boy. The disruptive lad isn't so mouthy now. He winces in shame as his tender anus is exposed and toyed with. Mr Marchmont enters and is delighted to find he can continue his anatomy lesson using the boy as a subject. His embarrassment is increased as he's made to lay on top of his clothed friend Vincent and kiss him. He is intensely self conscious being naked in the middle of the headmaster's office with everyone around him inspecting and discussing his private parts.

3. Vincent's backtalk has tried the headmaster's patience and now he is going to be stripped naked and disciplined alongside his friend. As a proud athletic man he finds it difficult to accept defeat, but he knows he has no choice but to allow the headmaster, his teacher and the head boy to do whatever they want or the consequences will be very severe. His tight virgin arsehole is fully exposed for inspection and sniffing. The mortified rude boys look down in shame at being so exposed and used.

4. The headmaster has seen enough young lads pass through his office to know when a boy like Logan is uncontrollably horny. It's clear the young man's disrespectful behaviour stems from going crazy with his balls overloaded with semen. Logan's dick is taken in hand while he's commanded to beg his wronged teacher to handle his bulging testicles. When he's overexcited and erect he's ordered to relieve himself while they all watch him spill his load. His punishment isn't finished though because Headmaster Swallow has a special discipline planned for Logan's good friend Vincent.

5. The feisty schoolboys are initiated into the ways of boy on boy pleasure as the headmaster orders them to lay naked on top of each other. Their firm young bodies and tumescent pricks are pressed together while Vincent's lusciously hairy arse is invaded with a wet probing finger. Logan's youthful finger slides in and out of his mate's rectum while Vincent is furiously wanked till his fully erect penis is dangling over Logan's lean torso. These best friends are suddenly made to feel a whole lot closer as they become intimately familiar with each other's naked bodies.

6. The pair of schoolboys have been thoroughly humiliated by the strict headmaster. Now flattened naked together on his desk with his friend's finger penetrating his anus, sporty young Vincent can't stop himself from growing incredibly aroused. He blushes deeply as he's made to kiss his buddy and becomes stimulated to the point where he vigorously shoots his load all over Logan's body. The boys will never be able to look each other in the eye again without recalling this moment.

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