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The dormitory of the rugby club of Hanazono Gakuin. One night, a new member of the club comes to the senior's room to take care of his sexual needs. The senior's cock is already hard from waiting for him. He immediately starts sucking on it.

The 19-year-old's junior dick gets excited and starts to cum too! They suck each other's dicks selflessly... They get their assholes untied and start digging. It's a great way to get your hands dirty.

They are soaked in sweat as they are made to stick their big asses out! After the practice, the senior doesn't stop shagging her...she tastes the cum from the senior, and the junior shoots his load with gusto!

After finishing the sexual treatment, they leave the senior's room...


興奮した19歳の後輩チンポもイキリ勃つ!そしてお互いのチンポを無我夢中でしゃぶり合う… ケツ穴ほぐされ、そのまま生掘り開始。ガチムチ先輩の太マラでケツを犯される後輩。


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