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DescriptionHere are 2 Games from SAKURAPRIN. Both are in Japanese.

Fukai ni Nemuru Oujo no Abaddon is an RPG horror game. WARNING: IT CONTAINS BISEXUAL CONTENT AND NOT JUST GAY CONTENT. It's in Japanese and not voiced, so if you can't read japanese, then it'll be meaningless to play the game. But if you can read japanese and wish to paly it, there's a guide of it in a forum, so it's all up to you. If you want the link, just comment. The in-game CG can be changed from DOT to full color by changing the settings.

The CG part of Fukai ni Nemuru Oujo no Abaddon also contains some Bisexual Content. I deleted most pics with girls on them but I kept those pics with hot guys that are a waste to delete. There were alot more actually but I just deleted them cuz it's mostly girl-centered.

The other game, Kazuma to Kugayama no kimyouna haikou tanken, is also an RPG horror game. It is in japanese, but this time, voiced. So it's a little easier if you understand jap but can't read. Still, play it at your own discretion. It is, by the way, just r15 so it's not filled with sex, too bad...

This torrent also contains illustrations from the artists who made these games and some fanart from other artists. These are really hot illustrations so ENJOY :D
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