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HardBritLads - Tony Axel & David Ken

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Description - A sensational pairing here that will leave you gasping.. Handsome muscular power bottom Tony Axel gets stretched to his limits by the jaw droppingly huge cock of David Ken. At just under ten inches, and as thick as your wrist, this cock has to be seen to be believed. Most guys could never take it. Tony is a tough, strong bottom, but the arse stretching he receives is so intense it would make most men faint.. David and Tony start off with some hot mutual groping, as they stand in their sports kit. Tony lifts his top revealing his super hot body, tight bulging pecs and solid abs, and David eagerly licks and sucks on his nipples while rubbing his crotch. Tony reaches down to get a feel of Davids, and even though its soft, its a very big thick bulge. They pull off their tops, and continue groping. Tony sports a nice stiffie poking against the shiny white fabric of his adidas shorts, and this seems to get David turned on, as his thick bulge quickly becomes massive. As Tony savours it, gripping it at the base, it gets even bigger and thicker. He reaches into Davids shorts, and pulls his dick out the side. This is one serious monstercock. Super thick and almost ten inches long. David pulls down Tonys shorts, and his rock solid cock spring out, and they jerk each other off for a bit, before Tony gets down onto his knees. He has to open his mouth really wide as he starts to suck it. He takes his time, getting it nice and wet, and struggling to suck as deep as he can, but only managing to get just past the halfway point of Davids meaty shaft. He continues sucking deep and wet, jerking him off as well. David grips Tonys head, forcing to take more of it down, pulling his head down hard on his meat, then fucking his mouth. Tony takes a pretty brutal face fucking till he cant take any more, and he stands up again, then David gets onto his knees to return the favour. David sucks well, getting it good and wet, sucking deep, licking the end, and jerking him off. But this is all about the monstercock. David lays on his back on the sofa now, holding up his dick, which looks even thicker from this angle, and Tony is between his legs. He takes hold of Davids monster meat, and starts sucking again, worshipping it with his tongue, licking up and down the thick shaft, then sucking it slow, deep and wet. Some very horny point of view shots here too. An arse needs some major warming up before taking a dick this big, and David gets Tonys hole really wet and sloppy with loads of spit, giving him a very thorough rimming, and pushes his tongue right in there to open him up a bit. By now gagging to get fucked, Tony leans against the sofa. David teases Tonys hole for a bit, rubbing his throbbing meat against it, poking and probing it.. Then he starts to push it in.. Tony can really take a big cock but he does struggle a little at first with the girth.. he takes it just a bit, then stops to catch his breath and relax, then bit by bit the full length of it goes all the way inside him, making him moan loudly.. David starts pulling it out and pushing it back in again, showing plenty of length and girth, keeping it slow and intense. Gradually, Tony gets used to it, and David starts to fuck a little harder and faster.. its gets quite noisy and this is clearly not an easy dick to take, but Tony does takes a major fucking here.. and then, just when you think it cant get any more intense, David pulls it all the way out, then plunges it back in again, before pulling it all the way out again.. he does this a few times and we have some extremely hot close up shots of Tonys hole as Davids huge meat plunges in and out. Very intense. Next, Tony is on his back on the sofa, legs apart, with David kneeling between his legs. He pushes his cock back inside Tonys arse, this time much harder than before, and gets into a good hard fucking rhythm. Like before, he shows plenty of length, but cant stop himself from speeding up and really going for it, Tony makes a lot of noise here.. David varies the position as he fucks him to get deeper and to show more length. Its so fucking horny. By now, both guys are aching to shoot their loads, so Tony starts jerking off hard as his stretched arse continues to get pounded.. it doesnt take long before he shoots a really good strong load over his tightly muscled sweaty abs. As he squeezes out the last few drops, David kneels over him to release his swollen balls, and jerks off his dick which throbs so hard it looks even bigger, if thats even possible.. And when he shoots, he spunks so fucking hard, it shoots all the way up Tonys chest, totally spraying him with his hot jizz.. His dick stays hard and continues leaking sticky cum..                       

For more detail see screenshot. 

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