♺ Forbidden All Four Parts

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Forbidden Part 1 (Matt Anders & Paddy O'Brian):
The Forbidden series has Paddy OÂ’Brian once putting on the holy robe and pretending to be a priest. He takes his post in the confessional and is time visited by a non-believer, but someone who just needs to express his feelings. Matt Anders confesses that his boyfriend was not who he thought he was and is playing a role. Paddy understands this and wants to confess but instead gives sympathy to Matt who he finds irresistible. Matt is surprised to see what the priest he has been confessing to looks like and finds himself falling for him.

Forbidden Part 2 (Paddy O'Brian & Tony Milan):
Everybody has secrets, sins, and stories we don’t want anyone to know, things you wouldn´t even tell your best friend… Paddy O’Brian impersonates a priest and takes confession from some of the city’s most sexually depraved. His first congregant is Tony Milan, who confesses to who he assumes to be his priest that he is in fact gay. Paddy invites Tony to meet him outside the church where he is able to show Tony that these feelings may be sinful, but should not be resisted.

Forbidden Part 3 - John Fink, Paddy O'Brian & Tony Milan :
Paddy OÂ’Brian fulfills his priestly duties by blessing the assholes of devout church-goers, Tony Milan and John Fink. He does so by jamming his thick cock into their tight assholes and fucking them mercilessly until he rewards their devotion with a huge load of cum. Unbeknownst to the sinful threesome, a horny Jake Bass is watching the forbidden sex through the barnÂ’s window. He wishes he could be pleasured by some sacred cock of his own.

Forbidden Part 4 - Allen King & Jake Bass
From the moment Jake BassÂ’ lips touch his cock, a lean Allen King appears to be taken to another world. Jake cannot get enough of AllenÂ’s thick cock and nice big balls. AllenÂ’s cock is at a constant state of attention and Jake is eager to take it deep and repeatedly down his throat. The chemistry between these two is truly undeniable, and itÂ’s clear they enjoy fucking to the very last drop.
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