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BestDeaths Collection

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Description** STAFF note:  These are not snuff videos --- fake depictions only --- considered BDSM material.  Therefore, the BEST DEATH series, is not considered banned material.

DeadGuysThree.mp4 831.66 MB
= chad_and_jake_series_strangled_simultaneously_on_their_bed_nude.mp4 190.00 MB
out_of_control_hazing_two_more_pledges_are_strangled_on_a_bed.mp4 164.59 MB
RuthlessCollegeGuySmothersThenSleepersTwoTeenBestFriends.mp4 140.45 MB
masturbating_leather_pants_party_guy_chloroformed_stripped_drugged_then_strangled_in_his_briefs.mp4 112.03 MB
leather_clad_biker_strangles_innocent_college_kid.mp4 102.68 MB
young_production_assistant_is_strangled_for_knowing_too_much.mp4 101.24 MB
tim_kills_his_boyfriend_during_naked_lovemaking_then_kisses_and_fondles_his_corpse.mp4 87.88 MB
out_of_control_hazing_two_pledges_are_strangled_on_a_bed.mp4 83.23 MB
hand_to_hand_combat_shirtless_martial_art_warriors_fight_to_the_death.mp4 73.57 MB
out_of_control_3.mp4 51.14 MB
jersey shore pool boys get double stabbed in the gut.mp4 35.25 MB
chloroformed_top.mp4 32.09 MB
leather cowboy kill 3.mp4 31.47 MB
pogo part 1.mp4 28.50 MB
leather cowboy kill 1.mp4 21.04 MB
college assassin handsome jock arrowed in his bed.mp4 20.52 MB
military torture soldier is hung stabbed in the gut his socks and shoes are removed.mp4 19.97 MB
pogo part 3.mp4 19.77 MB
leather cowboy kill 2.mp4 18.41 MB
gacys curse part 3.mp4 18.29 MB
construction worker is choked stabbed feet fondled and his clothes are slowly removed.mp4 14.71 MB
young olympian is strangled then his clothes are stolen after the games.mp4 14.61 MB
death house three chloroforming gut punching strangulation and stabbing.mp4 13.93 MB
pogo part 2.mp4 13.74 MB
death games 4 strangulation and gut stabbed by new enemy.mp4 13.61 MB
man_hunt_prisoner_is_hunted_then_arrowed_and_gut_stabbed.mp4 12.61 MB
Leather Cowboy Kill 5.mp4 12.07 MB
soldier is strung up chloroformed electrocuted and stabbed.mp4 11.76 MB
shower room confrontation double gut stabbing.mp4 11.66 MB
teen wakes up in a chair and is strangled.mp4 10.81 MB
gacy strangles a teen who wants to learn.mp4 10.74 MB
Leather Cowboy Kill 4.mp4 8.53 MB
leather cowboy kill 6.mp4 7.55 MB
gacys curse part 2.mp4 6.99 MB
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