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t182: Elijah Tickle Tortured
Franco cuffs Elijah to his new tickling board and goes at him in his armpits with a toothbrush. The tall, lean cutie giggles and swears at the annoying sensations, which only encourages Franco to be more vicious. A few minutes into the tickle torture and Elijah is ready to tap out! Franco tickles Elijah's inner thighs with his fingers and his bellybutton with his beard and tongue before tickling his size 12's. Franco tickles Elijah all over his bare feet, causing him to squeal and laugh loudly, but he really wears Elijah out by tickling his thighs and armpits. He tickles Elijah both from underneath and from above until he's finally broken. He then releases Elijah's hand so he can stroke himself, but right as he's finishing, Franco takes over. He tortures Elijah's cock after he cums and tickles him until he's red all over.

t174: Clayton Tickled
Clayton giggles sweetly as Franco begins tickling his lean, smooth body. He uses his manly fingers and beard to tickle the 22-year-old up and down, blowing raspberries on his stomach and thighs before lubing up his hands for a slippery rib tickle. Clayton contorts his body and laughs rapidly with the waves of tickling pleasure. Next, Franco removes Clayton's shoes and smelly socks from his big, size 13 feet. He tickles Clayton's bare feet with his lubed fingers and pointy detangling brushes. Clayton squirms and sends out machine gun laughter, trying to catch his breath. And he's only halfway through the experience! Franco uses one tickling implement after another on Clayton's sensitive feet. The foot tickle keeps going and going with Franco lying on top of Clayton and tickling his feet like crazy. Finally, when they're both almost spent, Franco unbinds Clayton's arms so he can jack himself off. Of course, Franco goes right in for the assist, stroking Clayton's big cock and slurping on his cock head. Clayton's whole body twitches as he gets ready to nut, and when he does, Franco tortures his red rocket by not stopping the strokes after he cums.

t186: Solomon's Tickle Torture
Solomon is nervous but excited to be tied up and tickled on camera. His big boner flops around as the tickling begins, and Franco messes with his senses even more by sucking Solomon's cock while tickling his armpits. Solomon's hysterical laughter turns into breathless pleading as Franco tickle tortures his upper body, and it only becomes more intense when Franco climbs on top and tickles his size 11 feet. Franco tortures Solomon with fingers and brushes, generating a mixture of loud laughter, swearing and begging, but everything Solomon says only fuels Franco's desire to tickle him more. He lashes Solomon's feet together with his belt and gets between his toes and into every nook of his beautiful crinkled soles. After an extended tickling of his feet, Franco returns to Solomon's stomach and pits, causing him to scream like crazy and beg for Franco to go back to his feet. Ever helpful, Franco is happy to oblige, tickling Solomon's feet with his most despised brush. Howling Franco's name, Solomon apologizes for everything he's ever done and calls Franco his "Master." At last, Franco treats Solomon to a deep-throating and showers his side with a big load of cum. But when Solomon is too overstimulated to ejaculate, Franco tops him off with a freestyle tickle of his sensitive pits.
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