Michael Fitt Clips

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DescriptionClips of Michael Fitt from his website. Not a complete siterip but has maybe a good 70-80% of the videos.


Seed bonus are appreciated :)

0-lb Dumbbells.mov 41.25 MB
Appropriate Use Of Water 2.mov 5.57 MB
Appropriate Use Of Water.mov 27.56 MB
Arms Fun.mov 18.33 MB
Arms.mov 44.28 MB
ATTENTION part 1.mov 139.30 MB
ATTENTION Part 2-1.mov 97.15 MB
ATTENTION Part 3.mov 53.40 MB
Back with Bench.mov 11.67 MB
Behind the Scenes.mov 103.05 MB
Bicep Beat Down.mov 115.22 MB
Bicep Challenge.mov 10.30 MB
bicep worship 1 for web-desktop.mov 34.38 MB
bicep worship 2 for web-desktop.mov 31.62 MB
Big Time Part 1.mov 37.10 MB
Big Time Part 2.mov 132.00 MB
BMF Returns 1.mov 107.34 MB
BMF Returns 2.mov 101.42 MB
BMF Returns 3.mov 96.58 MB
Boxer Hole.mov 37.09 MB
Bump in the Day.mov 13.39 MB
Bump in the night.mov 13.28 MB
Candle Light Dinner 1.mov 11.35 MB
Candle Light Dinner 2.mov 7.35 MB
Christian Shows Off.mp4 14.51 MB
cocky Mikey.mov 8.70 MB
Coming Through 1.mov 79.26 MB
Coming Through 2.mov 99.12 MB
Core.mov 42.86 MB
Date Night.mov 11.75 MB
Different Angles -7.mov 9.70 MB
Different Kinds Of Dips.mov 10.08 MB
Dipping 1.mov 206.74 MB
Dipping 2.mov 127.61 MB
Dipping 3.mov 81.68 MB
Discipline 1.mov 23.59 MB
Discipline 2.mov 23.65 MB
Do What He Says 1.mov 79.01 MB
Do What He Says 2.mov 49.07 MB
Doctor Fitt.mov 27.15 MB
Dr Fitt 1.mov 120.61 MB
Dr Fitt 3.mov 87.44 MB
Dr Fitt Part 2.mov 106.23 MB
Drop and give me ten.mov 304.03 MB
Extreme Close Up.mov 174.11 MB
Fireworks.mov 22.44 MB
First Workout In New Place.mov 15.17 MB
Fitting Room.mov 116.75 MB
Fittmas 1 For web 2.mov 9.31 MB
Flex Off (2).mov 8.23 MB
Flex Off.mov 7.42 MB
Flexing.mov 7.42 MB
Getting Curl-y.mov 16.03 MB
Getting Ready To Run Some Errands.mov 16.49 MB
God's Strength.mov 206.81 MB
Happy Valentine's Day.mov 13.88 MB
Hard Muscle.mov 51.11 MB
Hard Work Part 1.mov 66.00 MB
Hard work part 2.mov 113.88 MB
Hard work Part 3.mov 31.82 MB
Head And Shoulders.mov 195.09 MB
Heating Thing Up.mov 24.92 MB
honeymoon reboot.mov 228.62 MB
Honeymoon.mov 144.13 MB
Hot Appreciation.mov 30.65 MB
Hot Superset 1.mov 20.58 MB
Hot Superset 2.mov 11.39 MB
Hot Superset 3.mov 20.15 MB
Hot Superset 4.mov 2.81 MB
Hotel Fun 1.mov 15.28 MB
Hotel Fun 2.mov 166.04 MB
Job Interview.mov 168.57 MB
Just Add Water.mov 136.96 MB
Large And In Charge.mov 9.27 MB
Late For The Party 1.mov 134.98 MB
Late For The Party 2.mov 213.12 MB
Late Night Arms Workout 1.mov 21.11 MB
Late Night Arms Workout 2.mov 6.06 MB
Mirror.mov 18.87 MB
missing parts.mov 8.97 MB
Monster Arms.mov 46.55 MB
Muscle Jock.mov 55.35 MB
Nature Boy.mov 8.30 MB
Naughty Jungle 1.mov 3.89 MB
Naughty Jungle 2.mov 4.40 MB
New Recruit.mov 17.99 MB
new white see through.mov 13.39 MB
No Limits 1.mov 240.65 MB
No Limits 2.mov 264.83 MB
No Limits 3.mov 98.42 MB
Nude 1.mov 23.27 MB
Nude 2.mov 19.79 MB
Nude 3.mov 20.39 MB
Nude 4.mov 10.01 MB
Oil Up.mov 32.54 MB
On The Bench.mov 17.02 MB
Out Remake 1.mov 73.89 MB
Out Remake 2.mov 101.87 MB
Out.mov 3.72 MB
Pass Time 1.mov 142.08 MB
Pass Time 2.mov 147.41 MB
Pec Worship 1.mov 43.68 MB
Pec Worship 2.mov 15.75 MB
peekaboo scarf.mov 11.44 MB
photo shoot fresh part 1.mov 151.48 MB
photo shoot fresh part 2.mov 73.78 MB
Picking Out Clothes For School.mov 52.93 MB
Pineapple Point Gym.mov 28.38 MB
Pull Ups.mov 26.85 MB
Pumping For Vegas.mov 17.01 MB
Put your fire out.mov 131.99 MB
Rainy Day Workout 1.mov 45.82 MB
Rainy Day Workout 2.mov 51.19 MB
Red and Dead.mov 57.31 MB
Red Shorts.mov 34.23 MB
Retiring Underwear.mov 128.55 MB
Sauna.mov 25.12 MB
Sex Robe.mov 22.01 MB
sexy 1webNEW.mov 9.93 MB
shoulders 1webNEW.mov 9.75 MB
Show it if you got it part 1.mov 1.27 MB
Show It If You Got It Part 2.mov 8.41 MB
Show It If You Got It Part 3.mov 3.48 MB
Sit Ups.mov 20.06 MB
Sock.mov 14.82 MB
Special Secret 1.mov 14.79 MB
Special Secret 2.mov 12.06 MB
Special Secret 3.mov 5.80 MB
steamy.mov 50.65 MB
super domination part 1.mov 192.54 MB
Super Domination Part 2.mov 255.61 MB
Super Fitt Is Back 1.mov 212.53 MB
Super Fitt Is Back 2.mov 315.63 MB
Super Fitt Is Back 3.mov 124.51 MB
Super Fitt Is Back 43.mov 215.94 MB
superman mistwebNEW.mov 6.27 MB
Superman Workout.mov 20.20 MB
Surprise 1.mov 144.35 MB
Surprise 2.mov 164.95 MB
Surprise.mov 26.80 MB
Take Me Home.mov 12.57 MB
The American 1.mov 186.94 MB
The American 2.mov 124.17 MB
The American 3.mov 257.13 MB
The Big Game.mov 4.97 MB
The Big Surprise 1.mov 10.49 MB
The Big Surprise 2.mov 19.97 MB
The Conquerer Part 1.mov 176.73 MB
The Conquerer part 2.mov 119.53 MB
The Doctor Is In 1.mov 193.61 MB
The Doctor Is In 2.mov 167.08 MB
The Giant.mov 85.62 MB
The Heat.mov 41.13 MB
The Hulk.mov 20.07 MB
The New Bench.mov 26.24 MB
The Singlet.mov 26.02 MB
Through the hole.mov 11.57 MB
Total Domination Part 1.mov 33.80 MB
Total Domination Part 2.mov 48.63 MB
touchy feely.mov 9.87 MB
Tough Love 1.mov 30.94 MB
Tough Love 2.mov 32.15 MB
Tough Love 3.mov 14.23 MB
Tuxedo.mov 42.54 MB
Under Covers for web-desktop.mov 31.07 MB
Under The Hood 1.mov 11.55 MB
Under The Hood 2.mov 9.65 MB
Wanna Wrestle.mov 156.76 MB
Wardrobe Malfunction.mov 6.24 MB
Weighted 1.mov 59.42 MB
Weighted 2.mov 142.87 MB
Wet Jock Strap.mov 61.23 MB
weve struck oil part 1-1.mov 188.51 MB
weve struck oil part 2.mov 196.44 MB
White Towel.mov 16.86 MB
wifebeater rip 1webNEW.mov 3.04 MB
Wrestling Singlet 1.mov 10.26 MB
Wrestling Singlet 2.mov 9.35 MB
Year Round Brown 1.mov 167.76 MB
Year Round Brown 2.mov 194.81 MB
Year Round Brown 3.mov 116.30 MB
Yes It's That Big.mov 15.66 MB

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